Success Thumbs UpSome of the best success strategies and the best personal development ideas are simple but extremely effective. This is one of those simple yet powerful ideas that if you implement it in your life, it will produce change for you. It will help you move forward and grow in your personal development as well as allow you to achieve more success. Ask yourself “What if”!

What if you had a million dollars tomorrow? I mean really think about it. What if you had a million dollars tomorrow, what would you do? How would you act? What were your day be focused on? What if you wanted to be a better person tomorrow? What would a better person do? How would a better person act?

What If you wanted to change something today? What if you wanted to achieve a certain goal as soon as you could? What If you wanted to be a millionaire? Ask yourself what if. What if I were a better person tomorrow? Then simply think and really try to answer some simple questions. If I were a better person tomorrow what would I do differently? How would I act? How would I treat people? What Kind of people would I surround myself with? What would I be thinking about, and how would I be thinking? How would I carry myself? What would my life be like?

The key to the technique is to ask “what if”. Then follow that up with the traditional who, what, where, when, why, how questions regarding how you would act, how you would think, and what you would do differently. Write a clear description of the things you would do different. Once you have your list then execute the list.

Start to act as if you were that person already. I really challenge you to try this. If you really follow the instructions and stick to it for several weeks by acting, doing, and thinking like that person would then you will be amazed by the changes you will see not only in yourself, but as well in the people around you. How they react to you and how they treat you. Give it a try. This is a great success technique and a good personal development technique