America has the Most Millionaires PhotoAmerica is the land of the free and once again the home to the most millionaires!

No other country creates freedom and millionaires like the United States.  They call our country the land of opportunity for a reason, and apparently many people in America are taking advantage of that opportunity. The United States continues to lead the world in the creation of millionaires.

A report issued by Credit Suisse late last year shows that America is by far adding the most millionaires.  According to the report 94.4% of the world’s new millionaires were from the U.S.  The report shows that of the 1.8 million people around the world who because millionaires, 1.7 of the new million were from the United States.  This means the United States can now lay claim to 13.2 million millionaires.

What was responsible for this jump?  The economy getting better certainly did not hurt.  Most of jump was attributed to the stock market going up as well as the real estate market finally starting to rebound somewhat is 2013.  This in turn caused the assets of the people invested in these sectors to rise, and as a result created a lot of new millionaires in the United Sates over the past year.

Who were the runners up?  At number 2 was France who created 287,000 new millionaires, and at number 3 was Germany who created 221,000 new millionaires.  They were followed by United Kingdom (117,000) and China (90,000).

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