How to Kick Ass!

Yes I said it, 11 ways to kick ass!  I used the A word because it is appropriate.  I am not trying to offend anyone, but when you choose to use a word like this you do it because it serves a purpose.  It drives a point home or creates a very clear vision that everyone can understand.   When you use the term kick ass everyone immediately conjures up the image in their mind of what that looks like.  We all know that if you do something to this level that you simply don’t just kind of win, you dominate.  You own the game and the other team.  You are looked at as a star, a bad dude, and total player who is respected and in a way almost feared based on the level of talent that you bring.  There is no doubt that you have game, and that you can bring it!  Performing at this level raises your competition’s awareness that you are indeed a force to be reckoned with!

How_to_Kick_Ass_(copyright_Microsoft)We are not talking about a physical beat down here unless it is on the field.  No room for that.  We are talking about performing mentally and physically at the ultimate winning level.   We are not talking about hurting other people; we are talking about leaving an impression with your opponent that they no longer doubt your ability to bring it after the performance that you just gave.  To work, play, think, and win at the highest levels.  We are talking about elevating your play, performance, and your mindset to a new level, and totally knowing how to bring your “A” Game.   A level that leaves no doubt that you are the best at what you just did.  That is kicking ass!

We are talking about performing in manner that that takes the air out of the room and your opponent.  In a way that no one is wondering who the best is once you are done.  They all know it is you.  Everyone should experience this feeling of total accomplishment everyone once in a while.  You should look to achieve this level of performance on a regular basis whether you are an athlete, CEO, professional, teacher, coach, etc.  You should always go into any competitive situation looking to bring you’re “A” game.  You should be confident in your skills and ability to stand out, take charge, and produce some serious results whether that means a win, a sale, a great lesson taught, a business deal, or doing something great for someone else.  Your should kick ass at what you do because you deserve to be the best.  It feels awesome to win big.  It feels awesome to have done the work, gotten prepared, and run the table!  The universe wants you to kick ass and be great at what you do.  There is no harm in being he bst that you can be andleavn it all on the court, in the office, in the classroom, etc.

One more note, the classic and exceptionally cool point about dominating in this manner is that it allows you to show what your are really about even after the game is over if you handle yourself in a classy and professional manner.  There is nothing worse than being dominated by someone only to find out that they are classy and decent person as well.  Handle it the right way, and after you dominate someone, and people will respect you even more.  Even if it happens to be them that you were dominating and whose butt you just kicked.  They might not like you after the beating you just gave them, but chances are they will respect you.

11 Ways to Kick Ass:

  1. Be totally confident.  Not arrogant I said confident!
  2. Expect to win.  Always expect to win
  3. See the win before it ever happens.  Creative visualization is key
  4. Practice, practice, practice so you leave no room for self-doubt.  Be prepared to be the best
  5. Know the game plan and execute it correctly
  6. Let them see it on your face.  Always look the part
  7. Look to dominate and make a statement
  8. Don’t ever underestimate your opponent
  9. Always bring you’re “A” Game
  10. Don’t ever give up until the game is over
  11. Be a good sport once you have kicked finished.  This is about escalating your game not hurting someone else.

If you want to kick ass, you have to work to put yourself in the position to be the best.  Winning does not come without lots of hard work, practice, confidence building, and being prepared to our work, out maneuver, out think, and flat out play them.  If kicking butt was easy then everyone would do it.  Use these principals to go out and kick butt the next time you need to!

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