Reasons_Why_Your_Employees_Hate_You_Photo_(corpyright_Microsoft)So you have come to the reality that you are struggling as a manger , but you just can’t seem to figure out the reasons why your employees hate you so much.  We all know that as a manager it is imperative that your employees respect you, and it can be incredibly valuable if they actually genuinely like you as a person as well.   I am not talking about being their best friend, but I am talking about a minimum level of respect and likeability.  These are both keys to long term success in the corporate world.  They are also important when it comes to your personal success as a manager or boss.

Too many companies these days allow themselves to hire people who have no business managing other people.  Newsflash, just because someone was good at their job in a certain area does not mean they will be equally good at managing people in that same area or in any area for that matter.  Great sales people are not always great sales managers.  It all comes down to skill set.  Can you really manage people to perform effectively?  Can you motivate, inspire, and help others maximize their efforts and performance in a way that makes it a win win for everyone?  Can you create a team environment that allows your group to excel?

So you are the boss.  Yes the big man or women on campus in your mind, but recently you have begun to notice that you are not getting the reaction you would hope to get from your team.  They simply don’t seem to be real happy with you.  Well let’s just get it right out on the table, some people seem to really despise you and maybe have a tinge of hate for you.  You cannot figure out why your employees can’t stand you.  You can’t put your finger on what the problem might be.

Being the good people we are at Top Success Site, we have developed a list for all the horrible bosses out there to study.  The good managers may even want to take a look at this one as well.  In our list you will find 26 reasons why your employees really do not like you as a boss.  The list is comprised of a variety of bad management moves, but this is a god news bad news story.  The bad news is if you find yourself doing a lot of the items on this list, there is a really good chance that you are not a good manager.  The good news is that all of this can be fixed.  Everyone has their issues.  The key is defining where your issues are as a boss/manager and then actively working to fix those issues/weaknesses.  We all have to constantly work to be better at what we do.  This list should help you determine if you may have to work harder than others to overcome your short comings as a manger/boss.

Reasons Why your Employees Hate You:

  1. Condescending to people
  2. Lazy
  3. Treat people on your team disrespectfully
  4. You are not knowledgeable about the things you should be
  5. Not willing to work as hard as you demand of others
  6. Back stabbing
  7. Pass blame when you should not
  8. Can’t admit when you are wrong
  9. Waste peoples time
  10. You are simply boring
  11. You bully people
  12. You do not listen
  13. Take credit for others work
  14. You lack leadership skills
  15. Look to keep people down rather than help them get ahead
  16. You don’t say please and thank you.  You are unappreciative
  17. You have bad hygiene
  18. You act as though your employees do not have a life outside of work
  19. You have bad manners
  20. You dress poorly and do not look like a leader
  21. You bad mouth the company
  22. You have no tact
  23. Book smart not street smart
  24. Street smart but not book smart
  25. You have a sense of entitlement
  26. You do not trust your employees

Yes here are the top 26 Reason why your employees might hate you as a boss.  My recommendation is that you first determine where you stand with your employees by having some open honest discussion one on one with them.  Secondly, I recommend that you study the list hard and determine which areas on this list seem to be a problem, and then work to fix them.  Listen no one is perfect, but if you want to be an effective manager or boss, you at least to have your employees respect at a minimum!

We want your feedback: Let’s us know if we missed any good reasons on our list.  We also want to share your best bad boss story!

One funny footnote:  This may have been the fastest list we have ever put together since we started the Top Success website.  Everyone on our editorial staff had suggestions on this list right away!  I guess everyone has had a terrible manager or boss at least once in their life.  For more information on business success and effective leadership, check out