How_to_Become_A_Millionaire_Overnight_(Copyright_MicroSoft)Some people are always looking for fast money.  They want to find a way to have success, money, and fame, so they are always searching and asking how to become a millionaire overnight.

The idea of being a millionaire overnight is a very appealing idea I must admit.  Just think, to have all of tat wealth by just a single quick action would change your life Forever.  The question is would it change it for the better or for the worse.  I guess it all depends on which of the ten ideas below you choose to utilize to get your million dollar overnight.

When I first decided to write this article, I was concerned.  I realized that there had to be a limited number of ways to make a million dollars over night.  It turns out that I was able to come up with ten ways right away.  Believe it or not, there are actually ways one can become a millionaire overnight.  These are all very solid ways that someone can wake up one morning and not have a million dollars in hand and by the next mooring be worth a million dollars and even more.

10 Best Ways to Become a Millionaire Overnight:     

1.       Win the Lottery:

This one is highly unlikely.  How many people do you know who have won the lottery?  I can think of two!

2.       Find a Million Dollars:

This is not very likely.  People do not carry a million dollars around with them.  Even if they did lose it, they would want to find it and get it back.  Then you would be faced with the moral obligation to find the person who lost it and return it because this is the right thing to do.

3.       Steal A Million Dollars:

This is a very bad idea.  No one likes a thief.  Can you say “serious jail time”?

4.       Inherit A Million Dollars

As we all know this requires a family member with a lot of money or a life insurance policy, who really likes us, who wants us to have their million dollars, and who is dying tomorrow.  I don’t like your odds here either.

5.       Have an Idea that You Came up with Sell”

Now we are talking.  This is the kind of thing millionaires are made of.  Coming up with a great idea and starting a company or creating a product definitely puts you in the game.  Create a great product that you gain a patent for and then sell.  The only challenge is that all great ideas, new products, patents, and starting up and selling a company take time.  It is not really possible to do this overnight.

6.       Sell Your Way to A Million Dollars:

This is feasible.  Sales people make a lot of money.  Buying low and selling high, and then repeating the process is a sure fire way to become a millionaire.  The challenge become doing this overnight.     Again time and resources become the challenge here.  You are going to have to find something that you can sell that is well over a million dollars.  Then you have to find a buyer to sell it to.  Once you sell it, you will need to have a profit or commission of one million dollars.  This means the items most likely would have to be something worth three to seven million in order to make that kind of money.  There are just not that many high end items out there that can be sold.   Some will require some kind of licensing (real estate, etc.).

7.       Make One Huge Stock Trade:

You can take all of your money and risk it on one massive stock trade.  The stock would have to go up enough to give you a million dollars in one day.  Here is the catch, you would have to have the initial money to buy the shares that you are hoping will go up.

8.       Own A Stake in A Company Going Public:

This is a great ways to become a millionaire overnight.  You have 50,000 shares of a company that has not gone public yet.  In other words the stock is just being valued and the I.P.O. (initial public offering) is today.  This will be the first day the stock is sold to the public.  The stock goes public that morning, and the share price ends the day at $20.00 per share.  Yes you are now a millionaire.  The only problem here is that the most likely way you would get those shares would have been by working over time and earning them.  In a startup company this can take some time, and I mean years.

9.       Exercise Stock Options:

This idea is similar to number eight.  You work for a company, and based on your efforts you are given stock        options.  The stock is worth $50.00 a share that day, so you exercise your options.  You happen to have options on 20,000 shares and you sell them.  You are now a millionaire overnight.  The only problem with this scenario is that you would have had to be with the company for some time to get the options.

10.   Sell A Piece of Real Estate

This is a viable option if you have the real-estate to begin with.  You have a piece of property you paid $200,000.00 for.  The property has appreciated.  You get an offer for $1.200,000.00.  You sell and close on it, you are now a millionaire.  The challenges here are that you have to have the property to begin with.  It has to appreciate a lot to go from being worth $$200,000.00 to $1,

There are several other ways that one could feasibly become a millionaire over night, but they are very in depth ways and not quite as common.  You know stuff like real estate options, buying options, etc.  The ten ways I have presented here definitely seem to be the best options if someone wanted to become a millionaire that quickly.

I struggled with this information and writing this article because I am very knowledgeable about what it takes to become a millionaire.  I have been blessed enough to achieve that status, and I have many friends who have as well.  The fact of the matter is that becoming a millionaire overnight is not something that is very reality based.  As a matter of fact most millionaires would laugh if you mentioned this type of thinking.  I am guessing most would say buy a lottery ticket full well knowing that the lottery is not the answer.  We all know how those odds look.  Now to make another million on top of the million you already have overnight is a lot more feasible then making your first million overnight, but that is an article for another day.

For those of you reading this I have a feeling this is a good news bad news article.  Is it possible to literally become a millionaire overnight, yes?  Is it practical, no?  Most people who become millionaires do it over time.  The possibility of becoming a millionaire without first having at least something to rest your success on or a pre required asset (real estate, website, business to sell, rich uncle, stock options, etc.) is not that great.  This is why it is Important to realize that most people become a millionaire slowly and over time.  Most people who become millionaires do it over time by starting companies and building them, saving money, investing in real-estate and stocks, moving up the corporate ladder, etc.  They do not do it overnight.  Those who do it over night (example:  lottery winners) actually tend to lose it all because they never had the right money mind set to begin with.  They did not have the chance to learn how to manage the money and the value of saving and investing their money.

The chances of becoming a millionaire overnight seem to be about as good as winning the lottery, but do not fret.  There are ways that people have become millionaires within a year.  It is not easy, but it is much more possible than doing it overnight.  Check back  tomorrow at Top Success Site, and I will show you the best options for how to become a millionaire within a year.

Do you know of other ways someone could become a millionaire overnight that I missed.  Please feel free to share your ideas with us!

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