This is a funny sign that was on the door at Wendy’s Restaurant. Great at making a burger, not so good at broken door management!


This Sign Was on The Main Door Leading into Wendy’s Hamburgers…LOL!

The door is broken.  It closes very quickly and has hit a couple people in the process.  Please be careful.


The Management

I am going to go out on the limb here.  Maybe they should fix it?  Ok, so this is a great example of a good company with a Manager that might not be living up to the company’s expectations.  I will say this, they do make one heck of a hamburger and Frosty.  I hope the people who got hit by the door at least got a free burger!

Maybe Wendy’s should think a little bit more about how to handle a broken door situation next time!  Ok, I am just saying!