Small_Business_Photo_(copyright_Microsoft)Small business plays such a critical role in the U.S economy, and it appears that small business owners overall are more optimistic about 2014’s than they were about their success in 2013.  This comes from a study conducted by Greenville-based marketing company Cargo.  The online survey-technology company concluded this based on a “B-Side” study.  The study has been ongoing for three years. The survey is conducted using small  business owners and asking them about their opinion on a variety of small business areas and small business concerns including   thoughts about goods and services marketed to them.

The most notable change in the study this year is that small business confidence is up.   Yes, small business owners feel this year will be a better year than 2013, and this was marked in the study by a jump of 71 percent from 65 percent in 2013. And 77 percent anticipated growth in 2014.

According to Dan Gliatta, managing director for Cargo, the other big change was in influences termed “beyond my control,”  These would include things like benefits costs, regulations and taxes, made small business owners feel uncertain, said Gliatta, because they were things they could not control. Business owners this year are feeling more confident and anticipating having more control over their growth.

Knowing the importance of small business and its success to the U.S economy, this could be some welcome news from small business owners.  Small business success depends on small business owners having a keen confidence in the upcoming year, and this study seems to represent good news potentially for anyone who is currently running a small business of who wants to start a new business.

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