20_Ways_To_Become_A_Millioniare_Photo_Prpoperty_of_MircrosoftThere are many ideas, concepts, and thought processes that I have picked up over my 26 years of being in businesses, around highly successful business minded people, and listening to a lot of great ideas that will make you a millionaire..  I have learned in that time that to become a millionaire you have to use your mind as much if not more than hard work.  I also believe there are key principals that allow people to achieve such a high level of success, and I think these are 20 great ideas that will make you a millionaire.

How to Become a Millionaire

Two of the questions that I get asked the most are How to become a millionaire, and can anyone become a millionaire.  First off I truly believe anyone can become a millionaire.  I was able to do this, and I really do believe anyone can achieve this success.  How to become a millionaire is a completely different question.  Yes there are top ways that people become millionaires, but there are many roads that can be taken to become a millionaire.  The things that will allow you to achieve such a high level of success are the ideas and concepts that you learn along the way.  These are mind sets and actions that allow you to really understand what it means to master the art of making money and saving money.

Biggest Secret of Becoming a Millionaire

The biggest secret of becoming a millionaire is no secret at all, but it is a concept that most people do not understand, and most people fail to do it even though it is a very simple thing to do.  In an effort to explain this premise and others more clearly and give you a really good idea on what some of these ideas are, I have put this list together.  The biggest secrets to becoming a millionaire really are not great secrets.  They are just things that the average person has not picked up on or learned how to use in their lives.  Within this list lies a variety of concepts that every millionaire understands, and has implemented in their life.   Now you can start to work to make these a part of your approach to success.  I hope you enjoy the list

  1. Save Your Money
  2. I’d Rather Know Somebody Than Be Somebody
  3. Forget About Revenue and Focus on Profits
  4. Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource, You Can Never Get I Back
  5. Use Other People’s Money When You Can
  6. Reading Every Day About Your Business/Industry for An Hour Will Double Your Income
  7. The Fastest Way to Become Wealthy Is Owning Your Own Business
  8. Reduce Risk By Doing Your Homework Ahead of Time
  9. A Smart Bet Is Won Before The Game Is Ever Played
  10. The Person With the Most Options & Strongest Ability to Walk Away Always Wins A Negotiation
  11. Everyone Sells, Some People Are Just Better At It Then Others
  12. Worry Has Never Solved A Single Problem, But Action Does
  13. Self Confidence is The Ultimate Trait of Any Champion
  14. I’d Rather Have 1% of 100 Peoples Efforts Than 100% of My Own
  15. Everyone Is  Afraid, Some People Just Learn to Look Past and Not Allow It to Stop Them  While Sadly Other Embrace It and Allow It to Define Them
  16. Treat People The Way You Would Like To Be Treated
  17. Money Does Not Give You Class, Having Class Give You Class
  18. You Have to Give To Get.  People Will Not Remember You for What You Had, But They Will Remember You for What You Gave
  19. This Is Your Life, It Is Ending One Minute At A Time, and so You Might As Well Do Something Grand With It!
  20. The Only Thing That Will Change Your Life In The Next Five Years Are The Books You Read and The People You Meet

In the end, becoming a millionaire is a lot of trial and error, but along the way you will find that principals like these 20 Great Ideas That Will Make You a Million are what make all the difference.  Becoming wealthy is a just as much about a mindset and way of looking at things as it is working hard.

So now it is your turn.  I want to hear from highly successful people out there.  What is your best idea of concept for being successful?  Just hit us up and comment.  We want your feedback!

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