If you want to know the top way people become a millionaires, the path is clear. 74% of millionaires in the United States are people who became millionaires by owning their own business. That is a huge number. It speaks volumes about how to become a millionaire. Although it is certainly not the only way to become a millionaire, it is by far the most likely way you can become a millionaire. See the list below to see how other millionaires have made their fortunes:

74% Business Owners
10% Top Executives at Their Company
5% Top Specialist in Their Line of Work (engineers, consultants, doctors, lawyers, etc.)
5% Top Sales People
1% Other Areas (inventors, musicians, sports/athletes, etc.)

Key to Becoming a Millionaire:

If you want to achieve success, or you want to become millionaire it is imperative that you know and understand the most likely way to do so. A quick look at the list above will give you very good insight into the best ways to become a millionaire. Owning your own business clearly leads the list. With that being said, there are other ways people become wealthy. It is imperative that no matter which way you choose to create your wealth that you develop a smart effective plan that will allow you to reach your goals.

The Best Way to Become a Millionaire:

From looking at the list above, it is obvious that owning your one business is the fastest and most sure fire way to achieve millionaire status in the United States. Now starting your own company can be tough, but it can also be very rewarding. Think about starting a company that can be started in your spare time. In other words, do not quit your job. Start a company and build it to the point that you can leave your current job. This is a much safer bet.

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*Statistics Information provided according to Brian Tracy and his team!