Basketball Succss PhotoHow to Improve Your Game – How to Be the Best 

You have all wondered and asked at one time or another how to improve your game.  Recently I attended a freshman basketball game that my son was playing in.  During the game I watched as the kids put in a good effort, but as freshman I noticed they all had the same challenges.  They all were working to get better, but simple things were holding them back from playing like they could really play.   They were so close to being really great players, but they struggled due to the limitations they were placing on themselves by not following a few key success rules.


How to Improve Your Game – Big Improvements with Simple Changes

As I watched the game, in my mind I made a list of the areas that could really improve their game quickly if they would just implement the changes.  These were fairly simple improvements that would really impact the kids play.  As I went through the list in my mind, I realized most of the items on the list that I had developed would help anyone who was in any situation trying to get better and become great at anything (basketball, business, teaching, acting, singing, etc.) so I thought I would share the list with you so that each of us can use it to become better at what we do and achieve success!

How to Improve Your Game – Game Changing Moves

So I present to you these ideas that anyone can implement whether they are a freshman basketball player, an artist, a sales person, or even a top executive at their company trying to improve their game.

1.       Play Big: 

If you are going to play the game then play it using all your skills and physical attributes.  No reason to not use every gift God has given to you to reach your goals and be the best you can be.  Why leave any of your talent on the court.  Go out there and use it all.  Play Big!

2.       Do Not Play Afraid:

Fear is the ultimate success killer.  No one plays well afraid.  You cannot play afraid.  You have to learn to get past the fear.  Fear will keep you from achieving your dreams and your destiny.  Work through the fear.  Be confident, and work through the fear.  Find a way to mentally get past it, and watch your success ignite.

3.       Don’t think Once The Game Starts Just Play:

Practice is the time to think, learn, and prepare.  Once the game starts we stop thinking and we start reacting and doing based on what we have learned and prepared to do in practice.  In a game situation you have to be at your best.  Thinking about every move you are going to make tends to make you focus too much on making mistakes.  Have you ever heard someone say they are not playing to win, but they are playing to not make mistakes?  This type of play will kill you.  Once the game starts, we have to put our faith in ourselves and our game.  We have to play big!  If you screw up so be it, at least do it being aggressive and make sure you learn from the mistake and do not repeat it.

4.       Mistakes made Being Aggressive Are Generally A Lot More Tolerable than Those Made Playing Scared:

Most coaches and managers have a tendency to struggle with people who make mistakes playing afraid, and they tend to look past mistakes made by being aggressive.  Playing afraid limits your game so much that a lot of the time it is not even worth putting you in the game.  That’s what you coach and manger thinks.  Everyone makes mistakes.  The question is do you make them going for it or because you are constantly afraid to play hard and trying to avoid mistakes.   The first mind set of being aggressive and not being afraid to make mistakes makes you a starter.  The other mindset of playing not to make mistakes will put you squarely on the bench most of the time.  Which are you?

5.       Have Fun:

If you are not having fun then it is not worth doing.  Go out and have some fun.  Having fun has a curious way of topping fear right in its tracks, and we all know people who do not play afraid seem to play better and bigger.

6.       Do Something That Will Set You Apart In The Coaches Eyes:

Your coach or manager can only see what they see.  They make assessments based on what they think about your skills, talent, and desire to be successful.  If they are not seeing what you want them to see then change it.  If what you are not doing is not making the right impression or any impression for that matter then DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

7.       If Things Are Not Going Well, You have To Change What You Are Doing:

If you are on the bench then something you are doing or not doing is getting you there.  The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same things and expect different results.  Change it up!  DOO SOMETHING DIFFERENT to get your coaches or managers attention and let them know you are a player.  By the way it never hurts to go and ask the coach or manager what have I not done that you think I need to do?  What can I do differently to improve and get more playing time?  Just asking sets you part from the other players who are on the bench and don’t seem to care enough to ask the coach.

8.       Status Quoi Will Get You On The Bench:

You cannot be average and be a star.  Star players are anything but average.  This means we need to honestly access where we are at and create plan to get where we want to be.  We have to know where our game is weak and where it is strong.  We have to try to minimize our weaknesses and maximize our strength.  We have to know our role on the team and we have to know what our Coach or manger needs us to do to be a star in their book.  Don’t be afraid to ask that exact question.  What does a player have to do to be a star in your book?  Let your coach or manger tell you how to improve your game.  There is no sense in guessing.  Once they give you the answer make changes and do the things it takes to be the star.  Average and just getting by will put you on the bench.  Never be status quoi or settle for being on the bench!

How to Improve Your Game –  Making the Right Moves

You can improve your game no matter what your game happens to be.  We are all in control of our own destiny based on the choices we make and the actions we take.  Never be happy about being on the bench, but make sure you realize that you are on the bench for a reason.  You have contributed to your time on the bench by either doing something you should not be doing, not doing something you should be doing, or by lacking the skills to get in the game a be a player.  You have to improve your game which means you have to find out the reason you are on the bench and then make the changes not just to get off the bench but to become a star.  Being a star takes hard work and commitment.  If it were easy to be a star everyone would be a star.  Do what it takes to be the best you can be.  There is no reason you can’t be a star.  Believe in who you are and what the possibilities can be.  Assess where you are right now, and what you have to do to be a star.  Then work you butt of and get there!  I cannot tell you how much we are pulling for you.  You can do this.  Now you know how to improve your game, so go and make it happen!

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