Chnage the World SuccessChange Your Life – Look at the World from a Different View

The problem with life is that it has a way of capturing our attention so significantly at times that we can actually begin to focus on the things that don’t matter, and this type of focus will never allow you to change your life nor challenge you to be better.  We lose track of the things that clearly matter.

We basically end up going hour to hour day to day with blinders on focused on the wrong things and worrying about things that in the grand scheme of things we will not even remember two weeks from now.  A change in your life will be in direct proportion to change in your focus.  We are what we think about, focus on, and feel around us each day.  Changing our focus can change our entire mental and physical process, and this in turn will impact/change our attitude.

Change Your Life – Change Your Focus

I challenge you once a week during this next year to find time to do something that totally changes your focus and brings you back to what matters most.  Make yourself see the world from a different view.  Do something that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone!  Get your family involved and help them change their focus as well.  A change in focus will directly impact your focus in life, and it will give you perspective.  It will open the doors to new learning, new feelings, new thoughts, new spirit, and new energy.  It will give you the change in focus that you just may be  needing.   Start by helping someone else or giving something back to someone who needs it right now.

  • Help a stranger
  • Do something that scares you
  • Speak to someone you would not normally speak to
  • Go someplace you usually would never go
  • Reach out to someone you would not normally reach out to
  • Allow someone to help you
  • Tell someone how you feel about them
  • Stop being bullied
  • Stop bullying
  • Thank someone who means a lot to you
  • Send time with someone you have not spent enough time with
  • Drop your guard
  • Be adventurous
  • Give more than you usually give
  • Stand up for someone who needs someone to stand up for them
  • Befriend someone who needs a friend
  • Share a special talent with the world you have been hiding
  • Show love where maybe love is not so deserved
  • Give someone the respect they may not be getting
  • Help someone who is down
  • Show courage in the face of adversity

Realize that this is your world, and this is not just a practice session!

Change Your Life – The Power to Change!

Know that you can be whoever you want to be, and always know that you have the power to change your life, but even more importantly the power to change the lives of everyone else on this planet.  You are one great idea, one nice gesture, one written document, one song sung, one courageous act away from changing everything and everyone around you for the better.

All revolutions start with one person, one idea, and one brave step forward!  Your life is yours to make what you want of it, why not choose greatness!

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