Stop Spam or Die

Stop Spam or Die

Do you want to hear something that will blow your mind? Radicati Group estimated at one time that there were 294 billion (that’s with a B) spam e-mails sent a day.  2.8 million spam e-mails are sent every second.  Of the 90 trillion e-mails sent a year, about 90% of them are spam or viruses.  Wow, now you have something to share at your office today!

So we all waste way too much time on e-mail, and about half of the stuff we get sent to us seems to be worthless spam in the first place.  This is just a quick thought.  People spend more time deleting  junk e-mails than they should.  One of the reason they spend so much time is that when a junk e-mail comes in they simply delete it.


Yes, I am yelling! When you just delete a spam e-mail it is dead.  The problem is that a spam e-mail is like a cockroach.  If you see one of them and kill it, there are still hundreds hiding in your walls.  The approach we want to take is to kill the entire herd.  Like Cockroaches or spam e-mails really come in herds.  By just deleting the spam e-mail, you will still keep getting them from the source.  So this is the way to exterminate the problem once and for all.  Take 30 extra seconds and do one of two things.  I promise you will save time, have less stress, and become more efficient.  Nobody likes Cockroaches!

How to Handle E-Mail Spam:

  1. Unsubscribe from the e-mail list.  Go to the bottom of the e-mail.  There you will most likely find a link (unsubscribe link) that if you simply click on it you will be removed from ever getting that spam again.
  2. If you cannot subscribe from it, mark it as spam in your Outlook or e-mail platform you are using:

Example:  Outlook Users

  1. a.      Right click on the e-mail while it is sitting in your list of e-mails received
  2. b.      Scroll down to the tab “Junk” and click on it
  3. c.       The top option “Block Sender”
  4. d.      Click on Block Sender
  5. e.       Now Erase the person original e-mail they sent to you
  6. f.        Now all of the e-mails from that sender will end up in you spam file.  You will still be able to see them, but you will also be able to delete them faster or in mass because they are spam.

Start to manage your spam in your e-mail box.  Don’t be lazy and just delete spam e-mails.  Be that guy or gal that takes pride in the management of your e-mail.  Ok, now that is pushing it.  Let’s face it, we all hate e-mail.  I just want to make sure I help you manage yours better.