This is the million dollar question that I get asked all the time.  It is the question that many people ask themselves every day as they strive to find success.  It is the question that people who are failing ask themselves as well, and cannot seem to find the answer.

So when someone asks me how to become successful, I immediately ask them first, have you defined what success means to you?  If the answer is yes, then I ask them have you written the answer down in detail, and are you looking at it every day?  If they answer yes, then I continue with the conversation.  If the answer is no, then I tell them this is the first step in the journey to becoming truly successful, and I recommend that they do this first. You have to do this to become truly successful.  The sad reality of the matter is that most people never even get past this requirement.

For those few who really understand what success means to them and who have clearly defined it in writing, I offer some basic but powerful thoughts on the topic.  As we all know, there are thousands of thousands of books written on the answer.  There is no real one answer to the question how to become successful.  Even having achieved success I can’t really say it was simply one thing or one group of things, but I can tell you some basic facts on your ability to achieve success.  I can say that your success is dependent on your mental mind state just as much as your physical actions, and maybe even more so.  There are no successful people who do not believe with all their heart that they can achieve success.  You have to believe!

Achieving great success is a combination of using mental, physical, spiritual, and relationships.  It is a combination of learning, thinking, doing, and then doing it again.  Be prepared to learn from the many mistakes you are going to make.  Do not look at mistakes and setbacks as failure.  They only equate to failure if you allow them to drive you to quit, and quitting is not an option for successful people.  Expect to make mistakes.  Don’t beat yourself up over them.  Use them to get smarter and do it better next time.

Everyone  I have met who has achieved success built their success on a foundation of being totally committed to succeeding and their willingness to fight and never give up.  Successful people simply never quit.  They do the extra work that others are not willing to do.  They make sacrifices the average person is simply not willing to make, and they do the extra work.  Most importantly they develop a will power and mindset/work ethic that allows them to work harder and longer when no one else is looking or telling them to.  They found a way to harness something deep inside them and they just kept working, learning, and fighting even when things looked really bad.  Most of them were certainly not successful on their first try and not even on their second try.

These successful people over time became more and more in tune with success by trial and error.  It is like a professional athlete.  They don’t start out a pro.  Most of them start out when they are young, and they continue to work at their game mentally and physically.  They eventually see a little success in what they are doing then all of a sudden one day the light bulb goes off, and they decide they want to be the best.  They train harder, faster, and longer.  They build themselves mentally and physically.  They do the hard work and put the hours in.  They sacrifice, and they do not ever quit and eventually with a little luck and the right opportunities they become a pro!  Being a millionaire or any other thing you may define as successful requires the same course of action.

Here is a little more direction for you.  These are the basic must do’s of success.  This is where anyone can start.  If you want to achieve any kind of success becoming a professional athlete, becoming a millionaire, becoming a top teacher, starting the greatest charity, etc this is the foundation for all of it.  It all starts here with these basic success principals.

  • Self Education:
    • Learn and learn more.  Educate yourself on how to be the best in your field
    • Get online for free advice
    • Ask the experts.  Pick up the phone and ask for advice.  You may be shocked how many successful people are willing to give you advice to help you


  • Direction:
    • Know where you are going.  You have to have everything clearly spelled out.  You have to have your own personal success map so you know down to the detail what you want and where you want to go in life


  • Planning/Goals:
    • Plan for success
    • You have to have all of you goals in writing
    • Goals lead to direction
    • Look at your goals at least three times a day


  • Passion:
    • Find out what you love and are passionate about
    • Figure out a way to achieve great success doing it
    • Find a way to take that passion and Go Big with it!


  • Persistence:
    • Never give up
    • Don’t listen to what everyone is telling you about failing and not making it
    • You don’t lose until you quit


  • Connections:
    • The only things that will change your life in the next five years are the people you meet and books you read.  Get out and meet successful people
    • Get Networked
    • Service to others.  Give value before you receive to build key relationships


The road to success has many turns, hills, detours, dips, valleys, and at times may take you right to a dead end and challenge you to find a completely different way.  Along the road you will meet people wanting to help you get to your destination and also people who will root against you and hope that you never make it to your final destination.  These same people are even willing to mislead you and to do things to stop your journey.   The road to success is generally a longer road than most people imagine, butting finally getting to where you had dreamed of getting  will change you as a person and change your life forever!  It is a road certainly worth all the effort, and it is a road well worth taking!

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