How to Impress People

Whether you are at a big business meeting, a job interview, or on a first date, impressing someone comes down to a few key requirements.  Again, you have to do your homework.  This means you have to want to learn about what really will impress someone.  Secondly, you have to be willing to put those ideas to work.  You have to be willing to implement the ideas and use them.  I have complied the best ways to impress someone in a first meeting.  These are ideas that if you use will have your first impression being a great one.


1.   Thank You:  I have said it before, and I will say it again, these are two of the most important words in any language.   When someone does something for you like spends time with you, does something nice for you, helps you out, etc you have to say thank you.  When you say thank you, make sure the other person knows you really means it.

2.   Dress Accordingly:   Always know how to dress appropriately for the event you are attending.  Whether we like it or not everyone’s first impression comes from how they think you look.  People size you up in most cases based on your appearance.    If you are ever in doubt of what to wear, always over dress verses under dress.  If you under dress you are completely hosed.  There is nothing you can do, and your first impression is dead in the water.  Under dressing can do nothing but hurt your cause.  If you over dress then people will just assume that the first impression you make is very important to you.  This will not hurt you, but it can win you extra points.

 3.   Look for a Win Win Scenario:  People do not generally like to work with people who are only out for themselves. They also do not like to date people who are only out for themselves either.  Always try to work to make things a win win for all parties.  This does not mean you have to be weak or give in at every instance.  It simply means that you genuinely look out for other people.  You are empathetic to their situation, and that you always try to do the right thing.  You are always looking to give before you get.  People see through other people, very quickly.  It is generally very easy to spot a “ME” oriented person, and traditionally these are not people worth spending a lot of time around.  Do not be that person.  Try to always look for the win win situation.  People will remember you for it.

 4.   Start All Meetings Off Right:  Whether you are trying to impress at a job interview, a business meeting, or again a first date, make sure you start with a good introduction to your meeting.  This means putting on a smile.  Attitude is everything, and a smile can quickly make a tense situation lighter.  It also means a pleasant greeting.  This should include a hello and your name.  This should be in an upbeat voice with a smile on your face.  Finally, a firm hand shake.  There is nothing worse than going to shake someone’s hand and have it feel like you are shaking a dead fish.  Smile, greet, and firm handshake are a must.  Attitude is everything, so make sure your is in check from the moment your meeting starts.

 5.   Care about the People You Are Meeting with:  Listen, most of the meetings you are going to have in your life will not go past a first meeting.  This is ok.  How many of them could have?  How many people that you have met in your life may have been great people to know or became a best friend had you just given the first meeting a real chance?

One of the greatest secrets to a great first impression is caring.  You need to care about the person you are meeting with.  This means you have to truly have interest in what they have to say, who they are as a person, and how you can help them.  Remember, we always give first to get later.  There are always too many strings attached to the things we do.  Cut the strings.  When you meet someone, don’t try to get things from them, try to give something.  Give them your ear and listen closely.  Give them your time, find out who they are.  Think in terms of “what can I do to help this person”.

I know at first to some people this may sound like absolute craziness, but have you ever been in a conversation where you spoke most of the time, and the other person just listened and asked relevant question.  The conversation is over and you walk away and go man, what a great guy or gal!  They really are nice to talk to and a good person.  This is because they showed interest and concern for you and what you had to say.  They allowed you to talk about something that was important to you.  They let you talk about something you are passionate about, and they really did listen.  I challenge you to try this.  You will be amazed when you approach every person you meet like this how it will impact the people you meet and your life in general.

Ok, so you have the top five ways to impress someone when you first meet them.  You have to use the information to make it valuable.  So go out and try it.  Make it fun.  You will be shocked how quickly people initial reaction towards you upon first meeting will change in a good way.

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