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Don't Let Haters Hold You Back from Succces!

Did you know that a lot of people around you want you to fail?   That’s right, they are rooting against you.  Welcome to the world of success.  The sad truth of the matter is that the average person does not have what it takes (work ethic, drive, smarts, the will, etc) to be successful.  So they way they see it is if they are not going to be successful then they sure don’t want someone in their inner circle becoming successful.  This would mean they would be reminded of their short comings every time they were around you.  This does not work for people without any drive.

I am not usually that critical of people and would normally not call the person rooting against your success a moron, but in this case it fits.  The definition of a moron is as follows:  a stupid person.  Anyone who wishes ill will on someone else or who roots for you not to succeed fits the mold of moron in my book so let me get back to my point.

There are people who embrace success.  They strive for it every day.  They work their life to get where they want to be, and they earn every bit of their success.  Then there are people who talk a lot about being successful, but they don’t do the work.  They don’t educate themselves.  They don’t have the drive or find the time to do what it takes.  They are just a lot of talk.  So you think they would just let well enough alone, but instead they work their hardest to insure others fail.  These are the people who criticize your efforts.  The ones who tell you your ideas are dumb.  The people who constantly want to challenge your dreams and find ways to tear you down.  I think many people call them Haters.

I have two words to deal with these people… Forget Them!  You have to stay focused, and always work to be the bigger person.  Whatever you do, do not allow them and their negativity to affect your work, your dreams, your goals, or your success.  This is exactly what they want you to do.  You have to be willing to be polite and then move on.  One more final point here, some of the people who are going to do this to you may be some of your closest friends and even your family.  The reality of this world is that a lot of people spend more time knocking other people for trying to be successful than actually spending time on their own success.

As for the moron in the cube next to you that chooses to undermine or be negative about what you are trying to accomplish and the things you are trying to do to get better, move up, and find success at your company be aware of their motives.  You will most likely not have to worry about these people too much because a smart boss or business Owner will see right through them.  They don’t realize it but they normally stick out like a sore thumb.  Keep your head down, have a plan, stay focused, and work smart.  The next thing you know you will be leaving that moron in the cube next to you for a nice office with a window and a great view!

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