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So you are task with cold calling each and every day.  Your livelihood depends on you getting results from your cold calling efforts.  You want to make cold calling easier and you are not sure how to go about doing that.  Well here are ten ways to make cold calling easier.  These are ten free cold calling techniques that should help your cause. If you use these free cold calling tips you will see your cold calling results get better.  The cold calling will become easier, and you will reach your ultimate goal which is to make more cash!

1.   Preparation is Key:  The more you know about the person you are calling and their company the more likely you are to succeed.  You have to do your homework.  This means not only going on the web and finding out about the person and their company, but it also means trying to find problems that this person or company may be experiencing.  Once you have the problem, then you can offer a smart well thought out solution.

2.   Don’t Waste the Prospects Time:  The prospect is busy, and they will see you initially as nothing more than someone who is going to use their valuable time.  Be prepared to say something different and something intelligent right away.  Don’t worry about asking the prospect “How are you doing”.  Get right to the point and show them that you know their time is valuable.  Give them something they did not know.  Make your use of their time valuable.  You have to make an impression quick to buy more time and to get them to eventually agree to meet. 

3.  Show Them Value:  The way you show someone value is to educate them.  Tell them something they did not know.  Based on the research you did before you made the call, tell them something of value.  A specific way you can reduce their cost.  Provide them with industry information that will impact their job.  A solution to a problem they are experiencing.  Speak intelligently and show value by educating them. 

4.   Know Where You Stand:  This person is getting called all the time.  You have to make an impact quickly to have any kind of chance with the prospect.  We make impact by being prepared, being educated about the contacts background, the contacts company, and the contacts industry.  You have to educate them or give them something no one else has.  Finally, you have to be different.  No one likes boring.  Don’t cold call like everyone else does.  Find a way to make it different, fun, and exciting for the prospect. 

5.  You Have To Make Over 50 Calles A Day. You will not end up reaching a lot of the prospects you try to call.  So if you make at least 50 calls this will give you enough opportunities during the day to actually speak to someone.  50 is a bare minimum.  Making this amount of calls a day will get you lot of practice when it comes to what to say, how to say, and what to do when the prospect says no.  No doubt practice makes us better especially when it comes to cold calling.

6.  Practice Makes Perfect:  The more calls you make, the more chances you get to practice your approach.  The more you practice your approach the more you will learn how to make your approach better.  The better your approach gets the more success you will have.  This is the cycle of cold calling.  You have to do it every day and work to get smarter and better at placing your calls and overcoming objections.  You have to find a way to relax and make it fun for yourself and the Customer.  I will say it again, nobody wants boring, and nobody buys boring.

7.  It Is Not What You Say, But How You Say It:  Attitude is everything when cold calling.  You have to have your great attitude come through over the phone.  This means you have to be smiling, you have to be confident, and you have to be energetic.  Get up and move around.  Have fun with it because if you don’t, you will not be successful cold calling. It always amazed me how some of the calls I made sounded bad in my mind, but the prospect still had interest.  This is because of the enthusiasm and energy that came across the phone.

8.  Take A Top Down Approach.  Always call up into the company as high as you can.  Call the CEO if need be.  If you call a Director on your first call they may or may not take your call.  If you call the CEO’s office and they point you towards the Director and tell you to call that same Director well now you are going top down.  That same Director who you tried to call before who did not take your call will take if you start the conversation out  by saying I spoke to the CEO and he recommend that I call you.  Now the Director has to take your call.  He or she now has skin in the game because they do not want to upset the CEO.  This is a top down approach. 

9.  Always Expect a “No”:  You are going to call someone every once in awhile who just happens to be in the mindset to need your services.  This is rare.  What blows me away is how many people cold call and make the sales mistake of only being prepared to get a yes when what they should be expecting is a no that they have to turn into a yes using their sales and cold calling skills.  Be prepared for No!  Become skilled at turning a no into yes, and for gosh sakes Do Not BE Surprised Someone Says No!  Embrace no, get used to know, know no may be coming, and be prepared to have smart effective ways to turn no into yes.

10:  Never Give Up:  If you give up then you have allowed someone you do not even know (the prospect) to dictate your success and the amount of money you will make.  You have allowed them to tell you how successful you will be and the amount of money you will earn.  Keep fighting through it.  Keep working though it no matter what happens or how bad you initially are at cold calling.  The only way you guarantee your failure for sure is to give up.

These 10 ways to make cold calling easier will work if you implement them into your day to day cold calling regiment.  You can make cold calling easier if you use these 10 free cold calling tips.  Not only will you be a more successful cold caller, but you will defiantly make your cold calling easier!

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