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An Easy Way To Increase Your Income Photo

An Easy Way to Double Your Income

Want To Double Your Income This Year?   Read An Hour A Day!

When I first heard Brian Tracey say this, I scoffed at the idea.  I thought it was just more success babble. Lucky for me, I continued to read on and really dove into what Brian Tracey was all about and how he made success easy to understand.  I especially latched on to an easy way to double your income theory.

Now I am a big Brian Tracy fan, and I can tell you he has a way of providing points and presenting success ideas that work.  So as usual, I decided not to just listen to what he was saying, I decided to actually hear what he was saying.  As I always say, to hear it, is to execute it.

Brian Tracy’s advice was that if you want to double your income read an hour every day about your area of expertise and industry.  I began reading an hour a day and sure enough I saw my knowledge base grow very quickly.  I became very up to speed on start ups and running a business especially the marketing and selling side of things.  As I read each day, I became more knowledgeable.  I realized I was more knowledgeable so my confidence grew.  The more confident and knowledgeable I became, the more confidence and conviction I had and this gave me a competitive advantage over other people in my market.  There is how reading an hour a day will double your income.

Success by the Numbers:

The person who is reading one hour a day only five days a week. 

  • Reads an extra five hours a week
  • Reads an extra 21.6 hours a month
  • Reads and extra 260 hours in a year
  • Which means they read 10.83 days a year!

How much do Read? Would you want the guy or gal who reads this much to be the guy or gal you were competing for a job against, or selling against? How would the people who work for you fair against the guy or gal who just happens to be reading 260 hours a year more than your people are about your industry?

Over ten years this person will read 2,600 more hours than the average person.  They will have spent 108 days reading.  That is a huge amount of expertise. 

Do you think this would impact their intelligence, knowledge base, and value overall? 

If you want to double your income, start reading an hour a day.  You may also want to start reading some more of Brian Tracy’s stuff as well.  One final point.  I have read a lot of Brian Tracy’s work.  I have never meant Mr. Tracy nor do I get paid in any way to be an advocate for him.  I just think the world of his work, and I know what he teaches works!  It certainly helped me to achieve success.

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