If you are the person sitting on the phone all day having to make cold calls, I am going to give you 3 simple ways to improve your cold calling results.  These are cold calling ideas that you might not find as technical as some of the other things you have read about cold calling, but I will assure you that if you start to implement these three techniques you will have more cold calling success.

1.      Get Up, Stand Up, and Move A Little When Cold Calling:  You have to get out of your chair and move.  Stand up!  So your mind and body are all tied together as one.  If you are sitting while making your calls then you are not moving.  Movement creates energy.  It gets things moving including your mind.  If your mind is moving and you feel more energetic this will come across in your voice, tone, and inflection when you speak.  This is critical to cold calling success because a lot of times is it not what you say, but how you say it.  So next time you find yourself on the phone stand up, move.  It will affect your body, your mindset, and your results!

2.      Have Fun, Make It a Game When Cold Calling:  Take your calling time very seriously, but do not make your calls so serious.  As we always say on this site, if it you are not having fun then it is not worth doing.  Everyone knows cold calling is not fun for most people.  You have to find a way to make it into a game and make it fun.  You have to have fun with it.  No one wants to hear from someone reading from a script.  No one wants to have to speak to another boring person today.  No one wants another lackluster sales person to call them today.  What they may be willing to consider is speaking to someone who is funny, charming, takes a different approach, and educates them about something they did not know.   Have fun with your cold calling.  Make them laugh.  Make yourself laugh. Do not be the typical Sales Rep.  Stand out and throw them a curve ball.  Say something they have never heard before in a way they have never heard it said.  Laughter goes a long way.  People who are funny and friendly are likeable. You have nothing to lose.  The worst thing that happens is that they say no or hang up on you.  If you do not make it fun, and you do not do it differently, they are most likely going to do that to you anyway.  Make cold calling fun!

3.      What Did You Learn from Your Cold Calling:  People, if you are making 50 to 100 calls a day and you learn something on every call that should provide you with a mountain of data.  In other words you should have everything you need to know what is working and what is not working.  Are you making adjustments?  Are you learning something on every call?  Take notes on each call.  Record your calls.  LEARN SOMETHING FROM YOUR CALLS!  If you learn something and get better every call, every day then I guarantee you will find success.  If you can cold call people and get appointments you can sell anything!  Make sure you are learning and making the adjustments to make you better every day!