Every business Owner and CEO in this country wants more sales, and they want them as quick as they can get them. Sales can be a difficult task at times, so I am going to make this simple. Here are 3 ways to increase your sales quickly. Implement these ideas and you will increase your sales. These are proven sales strategies that will get you results.

1. Determine who your ultimate Customers are: Sales is a funny thing and Customers can be even funnier. Too many sales oriented companies go out and try to sell everyone. Here is what you need to do to sell more effectively. Look at your top ten Customers. Determine what they all have in common and what makes them your best Customers. Create a very clear list and define what makes a Customer great for your company. These are what we call ultimate Customers. Once you find that formula, go out and focus on selling companies like these. It should give you an advantage in your sales strategy, and it should allow you to decrease your sale cycle if you know what these Customer’s needs are and their buying requirements are.

2. Partner with other sales organizations: Sales people cost money, and it is hard to invest time and money that you do not have. So go out and create an affiliate program or as we call it an associate program. Find quality sales people from other companies and different fields who are already calling on your prototypical/ultimate customers. Find the sales people who are calling on the decision maker at these ultimate companies. To cut the training time in half with your associates, don’t get them to sell your product, just get them to provide you warm leads via their high level contacts within their accounts. Then you get you sales people in and sell them. Once they provide a warm lead and your company sells the deal, pay them a percentage of all the profits. We have over 30 associates at one of my companies. These people are out selling for us every day. They cost us nothing. They can make great money if something does sell, and all we ask them to do is provide us with warm leads/contacts. They can make great money by simply introducing us to contacts they already have. They also get rewarded for having quality contacts as well. It is a win win for everyone involved.

3. Sell the products and services that your company knows it is good at: Too many companies lose focus and spread themselves too thin when it comes to what they are selling. They try to be too many things to too many different potential Customers. What are the three things your company does best and has sold the most of? Once you figure this out, put your focus into those three products or services. Sell what your company does best. Find your sweat spot and stick to it.

Growing revenues for your company via sales is not always easy. These three ideas can help you make a lot of sales and a lot of money much quicker! If you use these ideas, you will get faster and better sales results.