I am going to share with you an amazing idea that will really change your life if you give it a try. The idea is what I call giving to give.

This world can be a hard and jaded place at times for people who are down on their luck. It can be very hard for some people, and there are people struggling every day just to get by. A lot of times people just need a small hand up to have their lives changed forever. If you are one of the people that has already achieved some level of success and you are coming to our site just to learn more and to become more successful, then I have a challenge for you.

The idea is simple. You give your time, your money, your support, and your encouragement with someone who is in need. You share your success. You give just to give without expecting anything back in return. You find people who need you and you give. You find organizations that need you and you give. You give your time, your money, your wisdom, your hope to someone that can use it.

I challenge you to find someone or something within the next 72 hours that needs your help and that you can give to. Ask the people around you who may needs some assistance. Phone a charity. Find a young person that is in need of guidance and support. Find a family that you can help. Share your success. Share your message that people can make it. They can find success just as you have, but even more importantly give of yourself and help someone. It is not only a great thing to do, it is our duty to help other once we have achieved success. For the person who finds success and never reaches out to help others find success as well has not found true success at all. As matter of fact they have missed the entire message of success and what it is really about. You will never be truly successful unless you achieve success and then find ways to help others achieve success. We must pull as many other people up to achieve success as we can. True success is about giving back. It is about giving just to give.

There is an invaluable lesson that you will learn if you give this a try. The lesson will be two fold. The first thing you will find is that there are a lot of great people, families, and organizations that need your help. These are awesome people and groups that just need a little help. The help that you provide to them will truly impact the lives of people. You will see what it means to give. The key is to give freely and to give without expecting anything in return.

The second lesson you will learn is that giving is the greatest feeling in the world. To give just to give feels so good, and what you give you will get back many times over. Giving just to give will change your life. The biggest challenge that you will have is that you will actually feel like you are getting much more back from the people you are helping than what you are giving.

You have 72 hours to find who you are going to help. Once you find that person, that family, that organization, I want you to send me the update on your work. I want you to tell me about how you have been effective and about the people you have helped. I wish you all the luck in the world and great success!