Life can be a burden, or it can be an adventure. It all comes down to how we choose to see it. Some see it as pain and agony every day while other like I see it as a wonderful place where great and wonderful things can happen. That does not mean the adventure does not come with some serious down side at times, but all great adventures do, that what make them an adventure.

Create A Good Life

How we choose to look at our life, and how we choose to live it will determine what our lives become for each of us. I like to look at life as an adventure. We all have such a short time to be here, and are time is running out each and every day. I have chosen to take chances, and to make it an adventure by going after what life has to offer and challenging myself to get better.

Life’s Rewards

I think life rewards those who take chances and who try to live the greatest life they can. I have been so blessed, and I attribute it to living life to the fullest, and not being afraid to go after my dreams. I have been able to do so many great things that I would have missed had I allowed fear to get in the way.

Prevent Fear of Failure

Fear is truly a killer. It takes control of people and simply never lets them go. As a matter of fact, most people allow fear to take the best parts of their lives. They allow fear of failure to make their decisions instead of allowing their spirit, hopes, and dreams to drive their way. Yeah, I have failed more times in a year than some people will fail in their entire lives, but it has never been the failures I chose to focus on other than to learn from it. It has always been the successes I try to focus on. I learned a long time ago that failure is just a huge part of life. Failure is a huge part of success. I learned early on to accept this fact, and I have even learned to embrace failure is a sense. I expect to fail, and I never punish myself for failing. I never allow failure to beat me, and I certainly never allow the fear of failure to take my dreams.

This approach to life has led me on great adventures. I have been able to do so many things I never dreamed I would be able to do including owning a record label. I was able to become a treasure hunter, diving on sunken treasure ships. I helped develop an energy drink for NASCAR and got to meet all the great people in the NASCAR business. I started Advanced Sports Marketing, and we have helped so many charities, and I have gotten to meet some of the greatest pro athletes in the world face to face and spend time with them. I have been able to provide mobile solutions to the top companies in the world and meet the great people who work for those companies. I have been on trips. I have spoken about success on television, radio, and at colleges and high schools. I have met wonderful people and made great friends along the way, but most importantly I have been able to help many people as well along the way.

The adventure has led me to great places, to great people, and to do great things. Not everything I have done has worked out. There were plenty of failures along the way. That is not only ok, but it is to be expected. Failure happens, and it does not have to be the end. In so many cases failure was the start of a great thing along my journey. Failure has allowed me to learn the right way to do things. In every failure I have I have felt, I have seen answers and solutions staring me right in the face in one way or another. The opposite of failure is success. When we know what failure looks like then success which is the opposite of failure tends to become very clear.

Change Your Life

You can change your life today. I mean you can really change your life today if you make the decision to stop viewing life as a burden, and stop worrying about failure. You should embrace failure and accept the fact that it is going to happen. We must embrace failure, and at the same time never accept it. Failure is a part of life, and it is always going to be. The question is whether failure is something you simply learn from and move on, or whether fear of failure drives your life and takes the adventure and chance to be great right out of it.