Are you trying to figure out how to get your companies attention so you can drive your personal value and make more money?  Here are 10 ways to get paid more and 10 ways to get your companies attention.  These tips on how to make more money will indeed make you more money at your company!

In order to get ahead at your company, you need to focus on delivering value. You need to find ways that your skills or ability to get things done stands out amongst your counterparts at the office. The value you bring to the table determines how much you will be paid and where your career will go. I have owned and run companies for over twenty two years now. I see employees every day at our companies. I have employees that I deal on a regular basis. Each one has different skills, and each one brings different value to our organizations. With that being said there are defiantly different levels of value that employees bring to the table. The more value you bring, the more you get paid. That is how it works for all companies. These are 10 ways to get your companies attention, and to bring the greatest value to your company which in turn should get you the highest pay as well as great job security.

1. Make the Company Money: If you make money for the company you will be a keep. If you make a lot of money for the company and meet all of your corporate objectives you will be extremely well paid!

2. Reduce The Companies Cost: Effective cost reduction is of great importance to every company. If you can find ways to reduce cost but not effective the core values the company wants to provide when it comes to products, services, Customers, etc then you are important to the company.

3. Take Care of the Company’s Customers: If you build relationships with the companies Customers. They like you. They trust you. They need you, and they want to deal with you then you drive value for the company.

4. Create Effective Strategic Partnerships: Strategic partnerships are huge. Here is the lowdown on a good strategic partnership. It has to be a win win for both sides. They have to be effective. They have to produce something of real value or they can quickly become nothing more than busy work.

5. Be honest and Ethical: If you are not honest and do things in an unethical manner juts go home. There is no one who will find true value in what you do. If you are truly trust worthy then you have great value.

6. Produce Great Data: Every company has data in everything it does sales data, operational data, cost data, marketing data, Customer data, and efficiency data. If you can find or access data that no one else in your company seems to realize is there or the importance of it then you can really bring big value. If you show your company how to do things better by finding key business driving data. I will guarantee your value will rise quickly. Everyone is in such a hurry to juts do things. Data allows companies to see if what they are doing is effective, good, bad, right, wrong. Find the data and you will most likely find not only the problem but the solution as well for tough company problems.

7. Develop Ways to Sell More of The Companies Stuff: Needless to say if the company sells more product then they it gains more revenue. Revenues if acquired properly should equate to profits. Companies love profits! So finding ways for the company to sell more should get you in the driver seat when it comes to your value.

8. Streamline The Companies Operations: Efficient and effective operational procedures that get things done are imperative to a company’s success. If you can find ways to consistently make these better and as a result drive revenues, profits, customer services, etc then you will be considered valuable.

9. Be A Go to Person: If you are considered a player or the go to person at your company. If you are the person people look to when the rubber meet the road then this drives value.

10. Be A Team Player: Companies love team players. I have no time for people who make themselves more important than my team and my company. Lead with the companies bets interest in mind and not always your personal gain and you will become of great value.

I cannot stress this enough, your pay is in direct proportion to the value you bring to the table. Find ways to bring value to your boss and you company, and you will be paid more. Use these 10 ideas on how to drive more value at your company, and you will find success.