As I was watching my son play baseball at 11 years old, he was playing in the outfield when one of the players from the other team hit a rocket foul ball down the left field line. One of the Coaches on my son’s team by name of Scott Tinkle yelled out to my son who was still standing away from the foul line in left field despite the fact that the other team had just hit a screamer down the left field foul line, “What did you learn”.

Learning from Our Mistakes

This was a very interesting question to me because we all make mistakes. We should all be learning from our mistakes. The question is, are we learning the right things from the mistakes we make? Are we implementing what we learned in a smart effective manner?

What to Do When You Make a Mistake

So they next time you make a mistake, I want you to ask yourself “what did I learn”. Take the time to understand why you made the mistake. What you learned from the mistake, and how you can implement a smart effective strategy so you do not make the same mistake again. Highly successful people make mistakes all the time. They just learn from them better than most people do, and they make sure to make adjustments so they do not continue to make the same mistakes again and again. So the next time you make a mistake ask yourself, “What Did I Learn”.