The road to success is paved with large pot holes. Yes, you will have agonizing defeats along the way on the road to success. I will guarantee it. The only thing that will keep you on the path to success is your ability to overcome adversity. Your ability to keep on moving forward and believing when most others would have given up and quit is what will make you a success in the end.

Let’s face it. The average person is weak and does not have the work ethic nor the mental toughness to overcome the adversity they will have to overcome to become successful and wealthy. The good news here is simple. Overcoming adversity is like working out. The more adversity you overcome, the easy it gets to overcome it. The reason it gets easier is because you develop mental toughness and the experience it takes to overcome the bumps you will hit on the road to success. You learn that in order to be successful you will have to maneuver and overcome the bad breaks and tough situations that life is going to throw at you.

As I tell my kids all the time the only way too truly guarantee defeat is to quit. Once you quit you have taken every chance you had to be successful away. Quitting is the only thing that guarantees failure on the road to success. All successful people have thought about quitting at some point of time in their lives. What make these people different is that they simply did not quit. Despite friends and family telling them to quit, despite them feeling as though they might not be able to go on, THEY REFUSED TO QUIT!

Now one final note, overcoming adversity and refusing to quit is truly a key to success, but you have to also have a smart well thought out plan. I assure you a well thought out and educated plan combined with someone who refuses to give up, give in, quit, etc will raise your odds considerably in the game of success.

Be prepared to meet adversity along your journey. Work through it. Do what it takes to work through it. IT will make you stronger. You will gain experience. You will get your tolerance for adversity to grow. You will simply become a better person just by knowing you stuck it out and worked through it when most people (the unsuccessful ones) would not have. Good luck and do not let anything stop you from reaching your dreams.