Having money changes you.  It can change not only your mental outlookand your mindset, but it gives you an opportunity to take advantage of opportunities and deals that others  cannot get engaged in because they have no money.   Having money can level a playing field quickly and give you options that most people do not have.

So the question is how do we accumulate money.  The answer is simple.  The first step to having money and truly becoming wealthy is you have to save your money.  So here is one of the biggest wealth accumulation secrets of our time.  If you cannot save your money, you will never be wealthy.  Yes, I did say you will NEVER be wealthy.  People who do not discipline themselves and save money will never have the money to make more money.  In the world of wealth, capital reserves are king, and they are also a key to your financial success.

Show me someone who cannot save money, and I will show you someone who does not have discipline.  Show me someone who lacks discipline, and I will show you someone who has a slim and none chance of being successful in the long run.  Successful people have discipline, and disciplined smart people save money.

So if you are truly committed to success.  You have to start saving today, not tomorrow but today.  I mean like right now.  Even if you have to start with $10.00 a week then do it.  Save $10.00 every week, and make saving money your new passion.  As you gain more money, save more money.

The people who have money and a cushion have less stress and fear because if something goes wrong, they know they are covered,  The lack of stress and fear translates into greater confidence which leads to greater success.  Show me someone who has saved over $25,000.00 and I will show you someone who knows a little bit about the value of money.  Most millionaires will tell you that they generally do not work with people who do not value money and understand the value of money.

Saving to me is an exercise in discipline.  If you want to get in the game with successful people then you have to be able to have some skin in the game.  If you don’t have two penny’s to rub together then why would a successful person ever want to work with you.  They may buy your idea from you at a reduced price, but most will certainly not want to be in the trenches with you.

Saving money changes your mental outlook.  It makes you feel better about yourself and it gives you confidence.  It can take away a lot of the fear that may come with a deal.  It gives you the ability to be more aggressive when the time is right.  It allows you to make decision based on what the best long term move is verses making moves because you have to out of financial necessity.

So spelled out very clearly what is the biggest wealth accumulation secret of our time; that saving money is a must if you want to become successful and especially if you want to become a millionaire.  Start savings today.  Learn to be discipline enough to save, and learn to be discipline enough not to touch your savings.   This idea alone will change your life if you implement it.  Do you have $10.00 right now?  SAVE IT!  Change your life today!