Get the Girl of Your Dreams Attention!

Success is not just about money.  It is about happiness and successful relationships as well.  With this being said, I have decided to help all the men out by giving them six simple things they can do to get their woman’s attention.  Most men’s happiness has a beautiful women in the mix somewhere.  Well here are 6 things that will get the girl of your dreams attention.  I challenge you to try these out, and see if the girl you love doesn’t notice you.

Here we go guys, just sit back and enjoy the ride, and don’t screw this one up!  All you have to do is follow the instructions below to grab her attention.

1.     The Right SMS Text Messages Get Women’s Attention:  This one is so easy.  Women are not simple creatures, but at times what they desire is so simple and us guys go right by it.  A nice and timely text message just letting her know you are thinking about her goes a long way especially if she is having a rough time at work, with family, etc.  So get brave and let her know that you need her, and that you are thinking about her.  Trust me, this is a big one.

2.     Humor Always Wins With Women:  When they ask some of the most beautiful women in the world what is one of the most important traits for their man to have humor is usually at the top.  Women want a man who is fun to be around and has a good sense of humor so lighten up.  Have a little fun with her.  Let your guard down and show here you can be funny.   Take hre out on a date and show her a fun time.   She will thank you for it later.

3.      Be Responsible & Show Her You Are The Man:  Women want their man to be able to handle things or help out when the going gets tough. They want to know that you are there for them and that you have their back.  It is hard for women to believe this if you can’t even manage your own world.  They don’t want to have to baby sit.  Get your act together personally.  Become the master of your own destiny and she may just allow you to be the master of hers.

4.     A Little Affection Goes A Long Way:  Guys here is a news flash.  Your women does not depend on you to take care of her.  She is a smart, beautiful, and a self confident women.  With this being said it does not mean she does not want you to show here affection, and yes even public affection at times.  An occasional back or neck rub, a hand rub, massaging here head these things add up, and they go a long way.  Stop being so worried about being Mr. Macho and start worrying about doing the things that will grab not only her attention but her heart.  Show her you care for her, and that you want to take care of her.  You may be surprised what she is willing to do for you in return.

5.   Sex Is Not The Only Thing On The Planet:  I know you were hoping I would not go here, but I have to.  I am going to keep this simple.  Sex is a very emotional thing for women.  For women it can have a lot to do with connecting with you.  Women have to have time to get warmed up.  So when you come home and she has had a super stressful, busy, mind bending day don’t just think about getting some.    Thinks about what she needs not what you need.  You have to give to get.  She deserves to have your attention and to receive some comforting after a bad day.  It really is not that much to ask gentlemen.  The best thing I can tell you is that if you stop thinking about getting and start thinking about giving first (without the typical male perspective “we are going to have sex” strings attached) you will be shocked how much more willing your women will be to go there.  If you focus solely on taking care of her and showing her attention, emotionally connecting, and giving her a lot of affection she will thank you for it.  I will guarantee your opportunities to get what you were hoping to get will rise.

6.     Get to Really Know Her:  I don’t mean act like you are getting to know her, really get to know her.  Invest the time into her like you do the NFL, MLB, and the NBA.   You do this by having meaningful conversation.  These are talks  where you are asking questions and really listening to what she has to say.  I did say really listening.  You know the kind that requires you not to talk, not to roll your eyes, to pay attention, to make eye contact, to stay in the conversation for more than fifteen minutes, not to be thinking about what you have to do, and to be in the moment.  The kind of conversation that requires you to man up.  Yes it requires you to act like a real man.   This is the type of conversation that will emotionally connect you with her.  This is what she wants, and it really is not too much to ask.

Make her feel safe, make her feel loved, show her attention, and show her some fun.  That is all we are talking about here.  It is simple.  Well maybe not that simple,  that is why all of us men will most likely screw this up in one way or another within a week of trying this stuff.  That’s just how we are, and that is ok.  Just keep working at it, and get better and better at this list.  Ladies one final note, it is imperative you focus on what your guy is doing right.  Cut him a break if he is not perfect, and commend him if he gets it somewhat right.  If you only focus on what we are doing wrong we have a tendency to stop trying.

So for all the men out there, try the list.  Ladies make sure you are kind to your man, and give him props for making an effort.  Guys you cannot just make an effort.  You have to master these five things to become the man of your girl’s dreams.  If you do this, she may just become the women of your dreams.  Good luck, drop me an e-mail to let me know how you are progressing