You can think your way to success!

This year I want you to try something new.  Something that most people don’t spend a lot of time doing.  I want you to think.  Not daydream while you are watching television, but really think. 

There are a lot of things a successful person has to think about.  So to help you out, I have given you the ten things that successful people think about.  Use this list to start yourself on the way to becoming a thinking machine, and you may just become successful along the way. 

  1. Goals:  I know you have your goals clearly spelled out and in writing.  It is your goals that will help you develop your game plan and give you the road map to success.  No goals, no game plan, no success, no fun!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  2. Where to invest their money:  You see successful people know that they have to have capital reserves, you know savings.  They know this allows them to make money with their money.  It allows them to have a cushion in cases things do not go as planned.  It allows them to get in the game and be able to make moves people without money cannot make.  It gives them freedom to do what they want in life. 
  3. How to solve problems:  Whether it is their Customers problems, their companies problems, an industry problem, or a product problem successful people are thinking of ways to solve it.  They focus on solutions and they come up with ways to solve problems.  You see being a problem solver brings a lot of value to the table and as we all know the more value you bring to the table the more you get paid.   Your pay is direct proportion to your value.
  4. How to help others:  Successful people are always looking to help others.  They totally get the spiritual success law of giving.  What you give is what you will get.  So they are always looking to help out and give back.
  5. How to Get Smarter:  Successful people know it is imperative to always be learning and that personal knowledge is power.  The more you know about your service, product and your industry the greater your chance of succeeding.  The more you know about success, the more chance you have of becoming successful.  They do what it takes to get smarter.  They read, listen to success audio, and watch success videos.  
  6. How to cash in on their talent:  Everyone has something they are good at.  Successful people find a way to use what they are good at to make money.  They have the ability to use their strengths to grow their pocket book.
  7. Who they can make money with:  Yes successful people have figured out they don’t have to know everything.  They just to work with people who do.  Choose your friends wisely and choose the people that can make you money even more wisely.  Find people that get it.  Find people who know what it means to be successful.  Find people that are committed to success and willing to work for it.  Find people who are ethical and do things the right way.  These are the people that you can make money with.
  8. Next Moves:  Successful people have the ability to set goals, develop plans, and look ahead.  They are always watching for what might be their next big success move.  While Mr. Normal Person would not know a great next move if it came up and sat down next to him.  Successful people keep their eyes and ears open.  They study and watch for anything that looks like a money maker, and then the act on it.
  9. How to Say thank You: Ah, that great old underused slogan, thank you.  Successful people know the value of thanking people around them because they know without the people who support them life would be much tougher and success not as easily obtained.  They use the words thank you a lot.  They appreciate a good team, a good co worker, a good employee, a good spouse, and they know it is important to let them know they are doing a good job.
  10.  How to Be More Successful:  It is strange that weird circle of success that really is not so weird.  The more you know about success, the more likely you are to achieve success. The more you achieve success, the more you study success and begin to understand the dynamics of being successful.  As a result you tend to achieve even greater success.   Success breeds more success.  Successful people think a lot about how to be more successful.  They educate themselves and do everything they can to continue to become more successful.

So there are more than ten things successful people think about, but I felt that this would get you on your way.  So go out and think about this list and you may find yourself thinking a lot more and becoming successful a lot quicker.