Success Is About Service and Giving Back To Others

A lot of people think of success only in terms of money and processions.  I want to challenge you to do more because there is so much more to success than money, houses, cars, boats, etc.  It is certainly ok to use money and possessions as one way to gauge your success.  It is ok to have financial security as a portion of your success dream.  Everybody has certain things they would like to own, or places they want to see as a rule of thumb when they think about their ultimate success.  This is certainly alright as well.

I challenge you to learn one of the greatest laws of success.  As a matter of fact you will struggle to achieve true success if you do not adhere to this one of the all time greatest laws/rules of success.  Understanding and adopting this mind set as soon as you can on your journey towards success will not only shorten your journey, but it will give you something that all the money in the world may not be able to buy you and that is peace of mind.

You see the accumulation of money and wealth does not truly make you successful.  What makes you successful is what you give back along the way.  Service to other equals success.  What you give is what you shall get.  Make sure you always do your best to help others along your way to achieving success.  The more success you are blessed with, the more you should work to help others.  To truly achieve success you have to help as many other people as you can achieve their dreams of success.

If you are struggling to find success right now I want you to remember what it feels like.  With goals, persistence, and hard work you will achieve success and when you do I want you to remember how it felt trying to get there.  I want you in turn to help as many people as you can achieve their dreams.

John Wooden was a highly successful college basketball coach who said ‘Success is peace of mind”.  You can have all the money in the world and without peace of mind you will not be truly successful.  To have peace of mind, you have to do it right.  You have to achieve success by helping others.  By providing service to others along the way is how you gain piece of mind.  By knowing you treated people with respect and acted with integrity and helped others as best as you could.  This is what success is about.

I am very proud to have attended St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati.  It is one of the top academic high schools in the country, but it is so much more than that.  We had a saying at St. Xavier “Men for Others”.  The entire school was built on service to others.  This is what success is about, serving others.  It is ok to make financial gain along the way and achieve great wealth, but make sure your journey to success is about service to others.  Not only will it leave you with peace of mind in the end, but this approach will help you achieve the success you dream of much faster.

People do not remember us for what we have when we die; they remember is for what we gave when we were living.  What are you giving back, and how can you give more?  Service to others equals success, and is what matters most when everything is said and done.