Great Sales Moves That Will Make you Money

These Are 5 Great Sales Moves That Will Make You Money!

So if you want to be a sales rock star then make sure you use these five great sales moves.  Yeah I know it not rocket science here, but there is a reason that the top 20% of sales people do 80% of the sales. That’s is because they know how important each of these sales task are and they have mastered each of them

  1. Ask Great Questions:   In order to know where your Customer is having issues, what they are looking for, and what they need you must become an expert at asking the right questions.  Selling ain’t telling, asking is.  If you want to know what you Customer is thinking or what they need, just ask them.


  1. Follow Up:  It amazes me that sales reps will go on an appointment, spend valuable time, gain a potential Customers interest and then not follow up.  Before your sales call is over, always get the Customers understanding of what the next steps are in the process.  Send them a thank you as soon as you get back to the office.  Let them know that you value their time.  Then follow up on time and professionally.  Remember the idea is to exceed their expectations and provide value so they want to work with you.  Hey that’s why they call it sales!


  1. Care about the Customer:  Yes you heard me.  Stop looking at your Customers like they have flashing dollar signs over their heads.  What you give is what you get.  Always work to show value first.  You have to earn their business.  This means you should be focusing on long term solutions and doing things the right way.  This means doing things with the Customers best interest in mind.  Trust me the Customer will be able to figure out what you are really about.  Always treat Customers with respect and take care of them.


  1. Stop Wasting Time:  Wasting time will kill you as a sales rep.  This is an easy fix.  Every time you go to do something during your work day, simply ask yourself this question.  Is what I am doing getting me closer to getting a sale?  If the answer is yea, then keep doing it.  If the answer is no then stop what you are doing and start doing something that will get you sales.


  1. No Excuses:  At the end of the day when you go home and look in the mirror you always know whether you gave your best effort or not for that day.  To be a top sales rep you need you stop making excuses.  You are either doing what it takes to be the best or you are not.  Being the best is not easy, but the rewards can be life changing.  Don’t make excuses, just get the job done?