Bad Sales People Have You Down?

In sales there are only two thirds of the sales force that you have to be concerned about as a Sales Director or a Sales Manager, the bottom third of your sales force and the top third.

The bottom third you should just cut loose right now.  As the Princess knows you are going to end up spending a lot of time kissing frogs to find one Prince.  So save yourself some time.  Stop kissing frogs!  Cut your bottom people loose.  For every one sale person out of twenty that you might be making the wrong decision on, you will save yourself so much time, agony, and money that you will quickly realize that maybe losing one good sales rep at the expense of freeing up your time from twenty bad ones is a trade you should take any day of the week.

The top third you should work to do everything you can to keep them and make them happy.  These are the people who hold your future and your company’s future in their hands.  They get up everyday and do everything they can to make it happen.  They have all the great sales moves. They are successful and they earn every penny that they make.  Reward them!  Do not lose these people by bickering over little things.  Give them what they need, and try to do everything you can to provide them with what they want!

Oh, you wonder what happened to the other third of your sales team?  That would be the middle third of your sales reps.  These are people who just have not shown you if they are bottom third or top third yet.  Give them time, they will show you soon enough if you should be getting rid of them or working to do everything you can to keep them.

The two thirds approach will make your management life much easier.  It allows you to make decisions in a nonbiased manner.  It takes personalities out of the equation.  It sets a precedent that in order to stay at your company people have to perform in the top third of the sales force.  It raises the stakes and the level of sales success required to make it at your company instantly.

Your Success Move

 1. Break the sales force down based on results (achievement of plan/quota)
2. Define your top third, bottom third, and the middle third who are still waiting to show their true colors.
3. Hug, pay, and praise your top third first thing in the morning tomorrow.  Let the bottom third go as soon as you can
4. Send your other counterparts in sales management this article, and tell them to go to for more details on how to become more successful.