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A Job Is Not Just A Job!

Whether you are scrubbing toilets or selling million dollar deals a job is never just a job.  A job is a chance to shine.  A job is a chance to show who you are by the quality of work you choose to do.  A job is a chance to gain discipline, develop your skills, and increase your value in the workforce.

Whether you like it or not you will be leaving a legacy for people to remember you by.  It may be a small group of people or the whole world, that part is up to you.  Leaving a legacy can be good or bad it just depends on the kind of person you are, the life you choose to live, the success you work to achieve, and how much you give back to help others.

Your job may not necessarily represent who you are; who you would like to be, or where you want to go, but I can assure you the way you choose to do your job says everything about you.  Your work ethic tells people you are dependable or not dependable.  Your performance tells people you are a player in the game or a make believe want to be.  Your effort at your job tells people that you are hard working or lazy.  Your effort at your job tells people every day whether you are someone who will achieve success or whether you are that lost soul who is never going to achieve anything.

Show me someone who is the best at what they do, and I will show you someone who understands the importance of being the best they can be and being true to their self.  The work you do, the effort you give, and the results you achieve are all up to you.  You are either committed to being the best you can be or you are not.  Yeah a job may be just job, but your attitude, effort, and performance at that job is everything because that is all direct reflection on you.  The person you are and the person you are working to be.  So make sure you leave a mark that you will want people to remember every day you go to work because a job is not just a job, it is an opportunity for you to show people that you shine!