What Is Your Sucecss Story?

I was watching a story the other day about a young man who had lost both of his limbs in an accident.  The young man had opted to take a totally positive approach to life.  Not once did he blame anyone else for his circumstances.  He looked forward with great courage.  He has started a charity to help other young people deal with becoming amputees.  It was a truly inspiring story.

In the same week I saw another show.  The women had been raised in an alcoholic family.  She had fallen on bad times and had become destitute as an adult.  She blamed her circumstances and her upbringing for all of her problems.  In her mind she had been doomed as a result of her parents and the life she had known.  She was owed something from life she said that she had never gotten.  She was very bitter and defeated.

Everyone has a story.  Everyone has seen good days and bad days.  Everyone has had hard times in their lives.  Some have seen harder times than others.  The important things about each person son story is not so much the story itself, but the attitude and direction we choose to take based on our story.

We all control our stories ending.  The difference is that some of us believe we choose the ending while others believe the ending chooses us.  You control your life.  If you have had a lot of pain in your life then I am sorry to hear that, but you still control your own life and your destiny.  The attitude you decide to take when it comes to your story will most likely decide how your story ends.  If you feel wronged, hopeless, lost, defeated and feel you have no control or power over your destiny and your story, then guess what I can assure you that you do not.  If you feel empowered, positive, confident, full of hope,  and take a never say die attitude then I can assure you the chances of you rising to the top and overcoming the challenges in your life are very good.  The chances of you ending your story in a positive and inspiring manner are good.

Attitude dictates the ending to all of our stories.  The attitude you have to your upbringing, your current circumstances, and the attitude you choose to take when it comes to your life and the challenges you have faced or that you are facing, and will face.  Attitude, hope, confidence, and hard work can take you very far in this world.  They can give you a fairy tale ending to your story.

I see people every day who tell me they cannot find success or pieces of mind.  They blame it on their upbringing and other challenges they have faced in life.   It is not your upbringing that has put you in the position that you are in.  It is the attitude you have chosen to take regarding your circumstances and the fact that you are allowing your upbringing to influence who you are and even more importantly who you can be.

What is your story?  Are you making it a great story for yourself or are you choosing to allow your story to write its own ending?