Define Success and Jumpstart Your Life

What is meaningful to you?  That is the big question.  People ask me how to define success.  They want to know what success really is and what it means to be successful.  The answer to those questions is that success means something different to each one of us.  Some people look at in terms of money.  Other look at in terms of helping others, and still others look at it in terms of how they look and feel.

I meet a lot of people some of them are very successful people that come to a point in their life where they are either trying to define success for the first time or redefining the success they have already achieved.  The number one question is how do I define success?

How to Define Success:

Start with the question “what is meaningful to you”.  Take some time and really think hard about what is meaningful to you.  What are the things that are most important to you right now?  Think in terms of who, what, where, when, and how when it comes to helping you to define meaningful.   Who is meaningful to you?  What is meaningful to you?  Why are these things meaningful to you?  When are they meaningful?  Where are you most meaningful?

Questions to Help Define Success:

  • What is meaningful to you?
  • What would you like to have in this world?
  • Who would you spend your time with if you could do whatever you wanted?
  • How would you spend your time if money was no object?
  • Define the ten key points your ultimate job would have?
  • Use the who, what, where, when, why, and how to define it even further

Define Your Success In Writing:

Take the time to write all of your answers down.  Take a week and write down whatever comes to mind regarding your meaning of success.  Anything that’s comes to mind should be included on the list.  This includes things like thing you would like to have, places you would like to go, what you would like to do, people you would like to spend time with, etc.  Then take a second week and go through the list.  Prioritize the list of items you have created.  Use the list to create a master list of the ten most meaningful things in your life.  This should give you keen the insight that you need to define your success.

Your Definition of Success:

Once you have a good list, you will start to see themes and ideas come from the list that should tell you what is important to you at this stage in your life.  You will begin to see what is meaningful to you, and again this should give you your definition of success.  Once you have a definition of success put it into writing if it is not in writing then it does not count.  Make several copies of your definition/list.  Tape the list on the mirror in your bathroom.  Place one in your office or work area.  Place the two other copies where you will see them every day.  Take time to review and think about your list every day.  Visualize yourself achieving those items on your list.  Visualize yourself achieving the success that you have defined.  Doing this exercise will give you focus, give you sense of purpose and new direction, and help you to achieve your defined dreams.

Your Success Move:

  1. Define what success means to you.
  2. Write it out and review it every day.
  3. Go to to find out more about defining success.