Do you want to be a millionaire?  Here are 15 traits of a millionaire.

So you want to be a millionaire?  What is the mindset of the rich and affluent when it comes to success?  What mental makeup does that millionaire have that you might not?  I have taken the time to list 15 key mental differences between most millionaires and the average person who has not become a millionaire yet.

These are some of the principals that millionaires thrive on.  This is some of the secret sauce that millionaires are made from.  So take it in, and make notes on any areas you have not mastered yet.  It could just make you a million dollars.

1. Save money:

Millionaires save their money.  If you cannot save your money then the chances of you becoming a millionaire drop drastically or almost disappear.  Even if you just start by saving a little money right now this is better than saving none at all.  Start somewhere and start soon.  It the mindset that saving money gives to millionaires that makes saving money so important as well as the ability to make moves other people can’t because you have the money to make the move.

2. Time is money:

Your greatest asset is your time!  The wealthier you become, the truer this will become to you.  The only thing you cannot buy is time.

3. Pay is based on value:

Millionaires know that the money they make is based on the value they bring to the table.  Once I know my value, then I should be compensated fairly for it. Millionaires have a knack for bringing incredible amounts of value to the table.  They also know how to diversify their personal value which makes them even more valuable.

4. Organization:

Goals, planning, commitment to the plan and the planning process is key.  You have to know where you are going to get there.  The average person spends more time planning their vacation than they do their life.  Not a millionaire, ask them where they are going and what they are going to accomplish over the next five years and most of them will be able to tell you exactly what the plan is.  They will also tell you how they intend to make their next million.

5. They are persistent and tenacious:

They do not give up and they never quit.  They get down just like everyone else at times, but they never allow defeat to beat them.  They just keep going no matter what get in their way.  Obstacles to a millionaire are no more than another challenge.

6. They believed without a doubt that they would become a millionaire:

They constantly visualize themselves as successful and as millionaires. They believed without a doubt that they would achieve success, and that they would become a millionaire.  Amazing what visualization, commitment, and a plan can do for you.

7. Confidence:

You have to believe in yourself to make it in this world.  I know you can become a millionaire.  I have no doubt.  The question is do you believe?  Develop your belief in yourself.  Start by giving yourself props when you do things right, and stop beating yourself down when you don’t do things so well.  Life is too short and it zaps your energy to much.  You are a good person.  You can do this.  You just need to give yourself a break and start believing in yourself.  This is how the millionaire thinks.

8. Smart enough to build a great network of people, mentors, influential friends, etc:

Millionaire helps millionaires.  It is not necessarily a good old boys club, but they do tend to stick together because they know that one idea can get them another million. They also know that working with people who already know the laws of success and have made a million or two can be easier.  Millionaires have to have respect and connections as well.  I would rather know somebody than be somebody.  Do not forget this saying.  By the way if you bring great value and you are success driven, but you are not a millionaire that is ok.  Millionaires need you.  They need your knowledge, energy, and work ethic.  So don’t be afraid to try to hook up with a millionaire if you really believe you got what it takes.  Keep trying until you find a mentor that is right for you,

9. They make their money work very hard for them:

They make themselves save and invest by making smart decision on where to put their money.  They know the money they have can make more money if they invest it correctly. They are committed to investing and making their money grow.

Millionaires know how hard they worked for their money and they are not quick to part with it, but they also know the value of a dollar invested and even more importantly they know the value of a dollar saved.

10. They love what they do and they do the work:

Most millionaires wake up every day doing what they love.  They are passionate about success.  They like working with people, and they are enamored by the challenge every day to be the best they can be.  They love the art of the deal.  They are willing to do the work required to reach their goals.  This is the same work that a lot of normal people are not willing to put in to get where they want to go.  Nothing is below them and they tend to be very hard workers.  They are all about results.

11. Self education is huge for them:

You want to beat the person or get a leg up on them.  Then be smarter than they are.  They work to be smarter than the other guy.  They are constantly educating themselves so they can drive their worth and pay up by increasing their value to others.  It also puts them in a position to succeed when the chips are on the line.

12. They have guts and are not afraid to take calculated risk:

Millionaires know all about risk and they have the guts to make a move and take calculated risk.  Here what I am saying, calculated risk.  They have the guts to make a move if the move is a smart one.  They have a tendency to make moves other will not make, but they also seem to know moves that make sense and those that do not.

13. They have a good team around them:

Millionaires surround themselves with the smartest and most effective people they can find.  They are smart enough to know they will never know everything nor do they need to.  They just have to have someone on their team that does know it.  They use the knowledge of others to accomplish their goals.  They use the power of other people. This is where you may have an in with a millionaire.  Bring value and show you can do the job, and that you are willing to work to show them just how good you are.  You may be surprised how many millionaires may be willing to mentor you.

14. They harness their creativity and are innovative:

They know how to get creative when it comes to product ideas, company ideas, people, money, and overcoming obstacles.  They know how to make things happen and get things done.  Innovation is big for most millionaires.  They use their own creativity or theirs teams to do this.  They use innovation to drive results and opportunities.

15. You have to give to able to get:

Millionaires know the law of giving.   If you are constantly looking to get and never give, then your chances of becoming a millionaire dwindle.  The spiritual law of giving says “You must give and receive to keep wealth and affluence”.  If you are a taker, people will figure it right away.  They will shy away from you; stay more closed, and not be as interested in working with you.  If you take the opposite approach that a win win situation is never a bad thing, then people are more open to work with you.  Your giving becomes true giving and the laws of the universe say you will receive as a result of your efforts and what you gave.  Once you achieve true success it is your duty to help others.  If you don’t you were never truly successful.  This world is all about giving!

Your Success Move:

  1. Study these 15 millionaire traits.  These are some of the things that make millionaires who they are.  Make a special note that these are not tricks they are practices and processes that millionaires adhere to and use to make themselves wealthy.  Becoming a millionaire is not an event, it is a process.  Study these traits carefully and implement them into your life.
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