Get the job of your dreams, and shine at your next interview.

Here are 10 ways to easily impress the person you are interviewing with and to get your dream job.  I have done hundreds and hundreds of interviews to hire top people at my companies.  Trust me; it is not hard to quickly assess most people in an interview.  People show themselves very quickly as either being in the game or completely out of the game.  There are certain things that stick out immediately that allow the person interviewing you to size you up.  I have taken the liberty to provide you with some important aspect to successfully interviewing for a job.  Use these to help you land your next big job.

  1. Do your homework.  At a bare minimum you must know what the company does and other pertinent facts about the organization.  If you really want to be prepared, then do your research on the person interviewing you as well.  Going into an interview unprepared (not knowing the company, what it does, how they do it, the person interviewing you, etc) is simply not acceptable.  If you cannot clearly tell me what my company does in an interview then you have NO CHANCE of getting a job at my company.
  2. Take notes.  Yes I said take notes on the conversation and at the interview.  It shows you are organized and that you are professional.  It also allows you to write done important company facts and questions to ask during the interview (see point 3).  Bring a
  3. Ask intelligent questions.  If you have to, cheat on this one.  I already told you that you should take notes.  Before you even get to the interview write down five well thought out intelligent questions based on your research of the company and the opportunity that you can ask at the end of the interview.  If you are taking notes during the interview then the person who is interviewing you will not know you had the questions written down ahead of time.  They will just think you listen well, take notes well, and ask smart questions.  This is all good.
  4. Dress accordingly.  If you are not dressed professionally as you should be for an interview then consider the job gone.  No one wants to hire someone who dresses poorly at an interview.  If you can’t even promote your own brand by dressing properly for an interview then how would you possibly promote another companies brand.  You are your brand, and the outfit you wear says everything about your brand.  You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to look good.  Wear appropriate business clothing, ironed clothing, bathed, combed hair, etc.  Do the basics right.  I do not hire people who cannot promote my brand correctly.  I just don’t.
  5. Never discuss politics or religion.  This goes unsaid.  It will only get you into trouble.  No good will come from this.
  6. Never speak badly about your competition.  This only makes you look bad in most cases.
  7. Never swear in an interview.  It is unprofessional and looks really bad.
  8. Never shake hands like a dead fish.  Nothing turns people off more than someone who does not know how to shake hands right.  This is one of the most basic business communications out there.  Shaking hands and how you do it communicates a lot about a person.  If you have to get with someone you trust and practice shaking hands then do it, but make sure you do it correctly.  My kids are young, and they have already been taught how to shake hands the right way.
  9. Never leave without thanking the person for their time and the opportunity.  Never neglect to send a formal thank you to the person who interviewed you.  This means a thank you card via the mail or at a minimum a thank you e-mail.  This should be done within 24 hours of your meeting.  This gets you big points because it shows you are organized.  It shows you are professional.  It shows you go out of your way to provide good service.  It shows you know the magic words, thank you.  That is big at my companies.  About one in ten people I interview actually mail me a thank you.  This blows me away so few people do this.

10.  Be direct, confident, and make sure you talk in terms of value.  Tell me how you are going to help me and my company reach our goals.  Let me know how you are going to make me money.  Make sure you drive your value home to the person who is interviewing you.  Make sure they know you are a player and someone who can get things done.  Make sure they know you are willing to do the work.  Make sure they know you are willing to earn it.  I do not have room at my companies for slackers, but I will gladly hire a player or anyone who brings value to my company, wants to grow, is not afraid to work hard, and someone who could run the company some day.

As an employer and a CEO/President/Business Owner, my job is to hire people better and smarter than I am.  Keep this in mind.  We want the top people. All you have to do is show us you are that person.

Your Success Move:

  1. Follow the list above and pay attention to the details in each of the ten items.
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