The Magic Word Still Works

Remember when you were little.  There were two magic words that your mom and Dad always tried to get you to use, please and thank you!  Both of those words hold a lot of clout in today’s world despite the art of using them seems to be quickly disappearing.  The one we are going to focus on is the phrase thank you.

People do not realize how effective and important that word is.  At my company we have been doing a monthly company wide lunch for almost five years.  Do you know that very few people have thanked us for that lunch?  The point of the story is not that we expect to be thanked.  The point is that I remember and that I really notice the people who do thank us.  Here is a newsflash.  It is always the same people, and when they do thank us, they are sincerely appreciative of what we do for them.

Since our kids have been little, we have had certain rules and expectations on how they act.  One of those expectations is that after every practice, game, event that they participate in whether it be sports, music, school, etc. that they are to shake all the Coaches, teachers, helpers hands and tell them thank you.  Now the key here is that when they do it, we have taught them and explained to them how important it is to be truly appreciative and sincere with their thanks.

Since my kids have done this, I have no less than twenty Coaches, teachers, helpers, etc go out of their way to tell me how great it is that my son or daughter does that.  Here is the most important part.  Almost all of them go on to tell me that they rarely get thanked despite all of their effort and time.

If someone does something for you, including giving you there time, teaching you something, doing a good job at your office, waiting on your table, etc you have to thank them.  You have to be as sincere and appreciative as you can and thank them.  YOU HAVE TO!  It sets a tone for the kind of person you are.  It allows you to stand out, and to be honest it will make you feel great because you are making someone else feel good based on their act of kindness, wiliness to share information, willingness to teach you or help you.  This demands a thank you.

From here on out make sure you are not the one short on thank you.  It is important to give back to others, and it is important to let people know when they do something right.  It is important that you learn the power of feeling good about doing something for someone else.  Using the phrase thank you goes a long way for all of us whether we are on the giving or the receiving side.  So here is a list of people who often deserve the greatest thank you and tend to not get them.  Make sure you are not the one forgetting to thank them.

Your Spouse, your kids, you mom, your dad, your preacher, your rabbi, your priest, your pastor,   your coach, your mentor, your boss,  your teacher, your employee, your workers, your customers, your co-workers, your players, your committee members, your team, your server, your waitress, and anyone else who give you their best effort!

Your Success Move:

  1. Ok, so you know what comes next?  I want you to practice and become truly great at giving people thanks you’s!  To give a great thank you it only takes a few key ingredients.  It has to be sincere.  It has to be heart felt, It has to be deserved, and It should never ever be done just as a form of kissing someone’s butt or to get something out of it.  You give your thank you without expecting anything back in return.  You should be very clear that you are truly thankful, and the person should know exactly what you are thanking them for so make it clear why you are thanking them!
  2. Start to become a great giver of thanks.  It will change your life.  Because the people who do things for you will appreciate you noticing their effort so they will be inclined to help you later, but even more importantly you will make them feel good.  Making people feel good is the best feeling in the world.  It will make you feel great!  So go out and start using that magic word!
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