Smartest Guy In The Room Photo

The Smartest Guy In The Room Photo

If you walk into meetings day in and day out and consistently think you are the smartest one in the room, then I can assure you with complete confidence that you are not.

One of the top things I have seen keep people from finding success is consistently thinking they are always the smartest person in the room.  I have been in thousands of meetings, and I am here to tell you that the smartest people in the room are often the most quiet.  They are the most unassuming, and they take no one for granite.  You see smart business people know that they should always listen first.  They know that no idea is a bad idea and that it takes only one idea to make big money.  They also have no need to prove their worth to you because they are successful, and their ego never makes them need to be the smartest person in the room.

Successful people really do not have anything to prove to anyone.  They have already been there and done that, and now they are focused on doing it again or even bigger this time.  They know they are successful, and they focus on things like scalable opportunities, reliable outcomes, results, execution, profitability, building wealth, and finding the right people who can help them make things happen.

So let’s get back to the smartest guy or gal in the room.  This is a person who tends to be more concerned about selling people around them on the idea that he or she is worthy.  This person craves or needs people to know they are smart because most of the time they really are not that smart.  These same people have a tendency to lack confidence deep down and question their real worth.  They often use the oldest tactic in the book “he who talks loudest wins”.  They are not about resolution and finding answers.  They are all about status, positioning, and political outcome.  These things are important, but truly successful people let their results do the talking for them.

Avoid the smartest person in the room syndrome, or if you happen to actually be the smartest person in the room use it to your advantage.  Allow others to think they are the smartest, and you will quickly find out that you can have an advantage over them without them even knowing it.  Allow others to feel unthreatened and you may just walk away with some great ideas from people who may not be as smart as you are but happen to be very smart as well.  Remember a good idea is a good idea wherever it comes from!  Always work from a win win position and remain modest until the right moment arrives to show some of your smarts.  When that moment does arrive for you to shine, think credibility and professionalism.  Do not speak in order to make others look dumb.  Speak to help the cause, make progress, and win support.  Work to insure everyone walks away a winner if possible.  Trust me, others will figure out quickly that you are a player and maybe even the smartest person in the room if you truly are.

Your Success Move

  • Don’t ever assume you know who the real players are in the room
  • Listen first, speak second
  • Respect everyone’s ideas.  It only takes one good idea to make big money
  • Be humble, respectful, and great full for everyone’s feedback at all times
  • Avoid being that person that has to flaunt their smarts all the time
  • Know who the players are before you walk in the room
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