Define Your Success

How To Define Your Success

Have You Defined What Success Means to You Yet?

If you have not defined what success means to you and really drilled down to what your success would look like, then now may be a good time to do so.  By the way we are not talking about thinking about it for ten minutes while you down your slice of pizza and a Coke.  This time you are going to really define what success means to you which is going to take a little time and a little work, but I guarantee it will be worth every minute of your efforts.

Define Success

It is amazing that most people never truly define what success means to them throughout their entire lives. I don’t mean some half thought out straight out of the last book you read answer to what success means to you.  I mean sitting down and really pondering the question for about a week.  Then taking another week to define it followed up by putting it into a nice and clear well written statement.  Yeah, and before you go stealing someone else’s definition of success think about this.  There are few things that God gives us in this world that are more powerful than our right to define what success means to each of us individually.  Use the power God has given you, and really define what success means to you.

Vision of Success

Show me someone who knows exactly what their vision of success is and has it put into writing, and I will show you someone that is 80% more likely to achieve their own success than the average person walking down the street.  Take the time to define what success means to you, and be brave enough not to be swayed by others especially your family and friends. This is yor moment to shine.  What do you want from this world?  What is your version of success?  Your definition of what success means to you is one of the most special and powerful gifts that you own, and the sad thing is that 90% of the people have not taken the time to use their ability to define their own success. How will you ever know if you have reached success or that you are truly successful if you never define what that means to you?

Definition of Success

One more thing, your definition of success may change over time. This is fine if it is changing as a result of new perspective or your wants and needs changing.  It is ok if it changes due to you finding real success and needing to go for more.  It is not ok if you change it as a result of failure or your perception that you will never achieve your vision of success or because you simply do not want to do what it takes to reach your dreams.  You have to define it to find it! You will be amazed how empowered you will become once you know what the end mark is you are trying to obtain really is.

Your Success Move:

1. Grab a notebook and take it everywhere you go for the next week.

2. Write down everything you can that pertains to your vision of success

3. Don’t forget to think about success in terms of financial, spiritual, physical, mental, family, education, giving back to others etc.

4. Spend real time actually thinking about the question “what does success mean to me”

5. At the end of the week take all of your notes and spend the next week defining what success means to you.

6. Remember all of this has to be in writing especially you final vision of success. Write your meaning of success out clearly.

7. Once you have it written out put a copy on your bathroom mirror and read it every day for the next 365 days. See yourself achieving the success you have described. Thinks about your vision of success as often as you can.  If you do this, it will change your life.

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