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Reading every day will help make you successful

If you are truly serious about being successful then you have to be reading every day and learning about your industry.  Self education is a cornerstone of success for most millionaires.  industry experts get paid at a much higher rate than he average employee, and if you want to become a millionaire on quick way to do it is by becoming an industry expert.  Millionaires go out of their way to be the smartest in their field.  This means you have to read,, watch video, listen to podcast and consume information because knowledge is power.

Let me give you some very simple data.  If you read information on the field that you would like to become successful in and you simply read for one hour a day.  Within a year you would have ready 365 hours.   The average college course is four days a week for 45 minutes a day minus all the holidays.  This means you would have put in more study time and learning time into your area of expertise or your field than someone taking a year of college.

Here is the best part.  The average person does not read at all to better themselves or educate themselves.  This means that you immediately move your rank up in the ability to become successful.   You immediately become more marketable within your field, and more marketable means more opportunity, and more opportunity means more success, and more success means more money!

Now I know what you are saying, but Jeff reading is hard.  We have to read a whole hour a day?  That is a lot of reading.  I say this.  If you are saying this to yourself then you are probably on the wrong website for starters.  Secondly, if you are not even committed to your own success enough to read an hour a day then you should stop thinking you are going to be a millionaire some day because you are most likely kidding yourself.

Here is one more thing for you job seekers.  If you come to work for my company’s one of the first questions I am going to ask you is if you read.  Amazingly enough 80% of the time or greater people will say no, and it will be a very short interview.  Of the people who say yes, 15% will read recreationally which is better than nothing.  Rarely do I have people who come to my companies to interview who read about the industry or about being more productive or successful.  THIS AMAZES ME!

If you really want to become a millionaire then you have to be committed to doing the things that millionaires do.  Educating yourself is at the top of the list.  He or she who reads about success, learns about success, starts to think about success, which leads to doing more successful things, which leads to making more money, which leads to wealth.  It is that easy.  So go get a book, NOW!

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