Tenacity is the art of being Tenacious. You know the word right? Tenacious means persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired according to Webster’s Dictionary.

This is a word that screams success. The word tenacity at times says it all. If you want to be successful, get to know this word. Persistent in maintaining is a great way to sum up what it is going to take to find success in life.

As we all know life has a way of knocking us down, and I mean knocking everyone down and sometimes damn hard. Not just the person trying to find success, but even those who have already found it. There is an old saying: do not judge someone by how many times they have been knocked down, judge them by how many time they have gotten back up”.

One of the greatest compliments I have ever received came from someone who had just left a meeting we had been in on a big deal we were working on. We got our butts kicked in that meeting, and the deal appeared to be every dead to everyone in the meeting except me. As we got in the car the person very down in the dumps said “well now what”. My immediate response was “we circle back make some adjustments and go at it again”. The person looked at me and said “You never quit. You never give up, and you always just keep going. You always find a way to just keep going.”

Keep going that is what successful people do. They develop the mental toughness to keep going when the average person will quit.

I am involved in deals every day. I have learned that just as in life there are always setbacks. I have learned to not dwell on setbacks. It takes too much time, and it will zap you of your energy. Focus is a key to being successful, and I do not have time to focus on the things not going well. I do learn from those things, and I make adjustments based on past setbacks. I always look for the positive in a situation. Let me warn you. I know this is not always easy to do sometimes based on how big the setback is, but the more you work on focusing on the positive the better your mind will get at moving on and the more tenacious you will be come.

Tenacity is a must if you want to be successful. So the question is how to be more tenacious? I do believe that your level of tenacity is developed over time. I think this is a result of developing a mental toughness by overcoming adversity time and time again. Tenacity is a mental toughness that just makes you keep going. I always tell my children “the only way to totally insure you will lose a game is to quit”. Don’t ever quit. Instead I recommend that you become tenacious and latch on to this tenacity thing. It will help you to become successful!

Your Success Move:

1. There are only three things for certain in life death, taxes, and setbacks. Life loves to dump you on your butt just to see how you are going to react so just know it is coming. Expect setback and expect to have to react to them and overcome them.

2. Accept the fact that you have had a setback. Get over it as fast as you can.

3. Learn from all your setbacks. Never ever use setbacks as a reason to quit. Use setbacks as a learning tool on how to avoid the same set back next time.

4. Be Tenacious, and whatever you do MOVE ON! Use life’s setbacks to make you smarter and stronger. Look at it this way every time you face a set back and overcome a setback your tenacity level rises. Being tenacious is good thing.

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